Nunda Township Trustee Ed Gil Resigns

Nunda Township Trutee Ed Gil has resigned.

Nunda Twp Bd from right 4-14

Trustee Ed Gil is seen on the left at the most recent Annual Town Meeting of Nunda Township.

The reason for the decision was personal.

He is married to Mary McClellan, who is the Republican candidate for County Clerk.

Township residents are invited to apply for the position.

Gil and the other Trustees ran unopposed while vigorous, close contests for Supervisor, Clerk and Road Commissioner were occurring.

The application can be found here.

They are due October 3rd.

And for those who wish to see what is being asked without clicking, look below:

Nunda Trustee App 1Nunda Trustee App 2


Nunda Township Trustee Ed Gil Resigns — 2 Comments

  1. Just another RINO … no loss.

    Now he can feed at his wife’s much larger trough.

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