Teacher Union Leader Running for County Board Financed by Teacher Unions

Waltmire Johnsburg with sign for cutting co bd size

Arne Waltmire worked the crowd at the end of the Johnsburg Saufin und Spiel Parade. An associate carried a handmade sign saying, “Waltmire 4 [cutt]ing McHenry Co Board.:

With Republican County Board candidate Chuck Wheeler having his fundraiser in McHenry tonight, I think it might be appropriate to look at what Democratic opponent Arne Waltmire is doing with regard to campaign finances.

You may remember that Waltmire, who teaches auto mechanics and industrial technology at Crystal Lake South High School but doesn’t post his picture, is a regional officer of the Illinois Education Association, the biggest teachers union in the state.

While the Friends of Arne Waltmire lists as its purpose

To elect Arne Waltmire to the McHenry County College Board of Trustees (Community College District 528),

he is on the ballot as a Democrat running for a seat on the McHenry County Board in District 4. District 4 is comprised of Richmond and Burton Townships, plus most of McHenry Township.

Candidates filed in December of last year, but Waltmire did not seek the office until after the primary election. He gathered the necessary signatures–the same number that would have been required had he been on the ballot–after being nominated by the Democratic Central Committee.

At the end of 2013, Waltmire had $663.86 in his campaign account. At the end of March, he loaned his campaign $1,800.

The teachers union for Crystal Lake High School District 155 contributed $2,500 on May 5th.

The Crystal Lake Elementary Teachers Association (CLETA) PAC, the union for Crystal Lake Grade School District 47, gave $1,500 on May 30th.

Johnsburg Teacher Organization – IPACE gave $500 on May 31st.

Naperville’s Glenbard Education Assoication PAC added $500 on June 27th.

Waltmire didn’t spend anything, so that left him with $7,463.86 at the end of June.

Since then, he reports having received $7,000 from the Illinois Political Action Committee For Education (IPACE).

This is the Illinois Education Association’s Political Action Committee. The IEA is the state association to which the other teachers’ unions contributing to Waltmire belong.

So, the Democrat has some $14,000 available to finance his campaign.

During his run for McHenry County College Board Waltmire had $15,781 contributed by Illinois Education Association affiliates.

He picked up another $1,500 or so from school employee groups just before the April 8th community college election.

Expenditures were primarily for printing and postage, although two consultants got checks:

  • $1,350 – Neal Waltmire of Washington, D.C.
  • $1,000 – Gregory Bales of Chicago

Waltmire won 4,453 votes, placing seventh out of nine.


Teacher Union Leader Running for County Board Financed by Teacher Unions — 3 Comments

  1. If he has all that money, what’s with the hand-made sign ?

  2. Waltmire really wants to be County Political Commissar ….he’s so red, he makes Leon Trotsky and Felix Dzerzhinsky look like commonplace Rotarians.

    But hey, why shouldn’t he be one of the County Commissars, he wanted Mchenry County to take in 2000 of the central American waifs delivered on our southern frontier’s doorstep by some of the gracious Mexican drug cartels upset w/ Obama/Holder’s alliance with the Sinaloa drug cartel of Operation Fast and Furious notoriety.

    Just let Waltmire dictate how much of your home’s living space be designated for illegal aliens.

  3. Waltmire will only answer to the unions.

    He claims he wants to cut govt jobs, that’s hilarious, since when has any union vowed to cut jobs!!

    He’s a joke.

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