The Black Police Helicopter

Yesterday about 2 PM, a friend was north of the Pingree Road Metra Station at Fast Eddie’s getting the car washed when a black helicopter with “POLICE” marked in white on its sides landed next door.

Policemen dressed in tan were then seen blocking the road that goes west from Pingree to two motels, Harvest Bible Church and where Rosecrans took over drug counseling in The Advantage Group (TAG) building behind the motel.,

There were no marked squad cars in sight.

The helicopter took off with no one at Fast Eddie’s any the wiser.

Crystal Lake Police Commander Dan Dziewior says that it was a demonstration by Air One for the benefit of those attending the Illinois Park Police Association meeting at one of the motels.


The Black Police Helicopter — 12 Comments

  1. Air Rescue One is and outstanding organization.

    I am pleased to see that they have Bill Prim on their board.

    These people would only choose the best.

    These are the kind of work, enforcement and experience that Prim brings to the table.

  2. Now I know who to call at halftime, to pick me up a quick pizza.

    Lots of spare time and cash in that budget.

  3. We saw it yesterday, a little later.

    My son-in-law looked up as he was leaving and said, “My ride is here!”

  4. Look up Air Rescue One.

    It is a really outstanding organization. Prim was approached by this organization because of his background and knowledge and also his outstanding judgement.

    He is on the Board of Directors and all voted to have him there.

  5. Not everything in the world has to do with your candidate.

    Can we please have a moratorium on your flapping about on pieces that have nothing to do with your election rhetoric?

  6. Not everything in the world has to do with Bill Prim, but he IS on the Board of Directors of this Air One Team……an accomplishment that should be recognized.

    I don’t see any other candidate on the board !

  7. Yep, there is cynical Cindy spouting off against someones good fortune.

    She hates it when anyone does good for the community and she certainly doesn’t want to acknowledge it.

    Duncan they didn’t even think of Harrison as a contender.

    I guess his law enforcement background 25 years ago doesn’t go far.

    The organization knew about Prim and doesn’t even know who Jim Harrison is.

  8. Another antic by Jim Harrison.

    He has told his people to write and comment on the article in the Northwest Herald.

    Typical attorney set up in the works to me but that is my opinion.

    If you can’t win on your own merits you try anything.

    Harrison would turn a debate into a circus.

    Instead of having town hall meetings etc. which he could have been doing, instead of telling people all of his qualifications he turns to another one of his strategy’s.

    Throwing dirt which he tries to justify.

    Prim doesn’t want to win by throwing dirt, he wants to win because the people want him as their next Sheriff because of the person he , the qualifications he has and his desire to serve the people of McHenry County.

  9. Your good fortune is running your mouth?

    I don’t think your touting your candidate on every single item Cal posts is doing your candidate any good.

    I am really starting to question your motive as to why you have to yell, “Green Eggs.

    They are wonderful.

    Yum Eat’em up” on every single post on Cal’s blog.



    I smell a rat.

  10. I smell you cindy and it’s not good.

    you’re goofy.

    I still have a couple of trailers for sale if you are interested.

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