“How’s That Jack Franks?”

Presumed allies of State Rep. Jack Franks have made a couple of complaints about several of opponent Steve Reick’s campaign pieces not bearing the name of his political committee’s name.

That has wasted Reick’s time by making him go to Chicago for hearings.

Something similar happened when John O’Neill ran against Franks four years ago.

Then is was a Johnsburg flight attendant named Gail Wood.  Although she filed the complaint she did not make the hearing.  She was off to China.  Short notice, I guess.

She had a Jack Franks sign in her front yard.

Click on the title of the story to read it:

John O’Neill, the Witch and the Ballot Box

So with this backdrop, take a good look at the sign posted all over McHenry County by Jack Schaffer’s Liberty Outdoor:

The Steve Reick sign next to WashWorks next to Thorton's on Route 14 in Cary.

The Steve Reick sign next to WashWorks next to Thorton’s on Route 14 in Cary.

Look at the bottom line:

The bottom of the Steve Reick billboard.

The bottom of the Steve Reick billboard.

What’s it say?

“Paid for by Citizens to Elected Steven Reick.  A copy of our report, filed with State Board of Elections, is (or will be) at candidate’s (?) official website (www.elections.Il.gov) or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois. (How’s that Jack Franks?)”

The full disclaimer, incidentally, is not required because the billboard does not solicit contributions.

Take a look at what’s in the last parentheses:

Don't you love campaigns that have a sense of humor?

Don’t you love campaigns that have a sense of humor?


“How’s That Jack Franks?” — 6 Comments

  1. Whatsa matter Jack not enough…………in that pail of yours?

    Come on down and join the Jack Franks pity party……

    That includes you Jill..

    You poor sap Jack, you spineless coward, get a backbone while your at it….

    By the way Jack, eventually pails do wear out.

    Now, now Jack don’t be planning on getting yourself a new pail, because the tax payers have had enough of you.

  2. Jack knows he has the Republican voters in McHenry County wrapped around his pinkie.

    I am constantly amazed at their level of stupidity.

    It is no longer ignorance when you make the same mistake over and over and over.

    A vote for Jack is vote for Democrat control of this failed state!!!

    If you have voted for or supported Jack Franks in the past, show some intelligence this time and support Reick.

    Not the perfect candidate but better than voting for a Democrat.

    Disgusting to see a Republican committeeman, Brian Sager, on the Franks host committee.


    In the past Wheeler and Althoff have ‘buddied’ up with Jack – hopefully that has ended.

    All conservatives need to read this post: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/09/14/Why-Republicans-Should-Never-Play-Nice-with-Democrats

  3. Poor ‘lil Jacko …….. he’ll NEVER, EVER snag a higher office ….. even if Daddy Warbucks (that ‘august’ lawyer and county moneybags Daddy Franks) hands him a million $.

    Poor little Jacko. He only got in initially because good ‘ole Daddy Warbucks Franks had the US Atty watch the election back in ’98 ….and supposedly threatened the fatty ex-Domocrat Chicago Ward Heeler and Sausage maker roosting in Johnsburg …. who was then the GOP Co. chair, that if any typical McHenry electoral skullduggery prevented his darling scion from sinking his proboscis into the State rep. slot “people would go to jail.”

    But ala, poor Jacko’s many deceptions are catching up w/ him …. and folks have grown weary of his publicity tantrum-stunts.

  4. And much to the surprise of back room dealers in johnsburg the GOP in the county has been taken back by WE THE PEOPLE.

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