Power Plant Is Dead – Who Says You Can’t Beat City Hall?

The Oakwood Hills power plant crowd Wednesday night.

Half of the Oakwood Hills power plant crowd at the Prairie Grove School meeting.

The Canadian  power plant pushers have withdrawn their application to locate a power plant in Oakwood Hills.

Here is the email that was received today:


The Village of Oakwood Hills has received written notice from Enventure Partners LLC and Northland Power Inc. that they have withdrawn their petition for a conditional use permit, text amendment and preliminary plan unit development for the property located at 5110 Valley View Road.

Please consider this message as notice of the cancellation of the continuation of the Public Hearing before the Zoning Board of Appeals scheduled for October 9, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. at the Holiday Inn, 800 S. Route 31, Crystal Lake, Illinois.

On behalf of the Village Board, we express our appreciation to all of the people who participated in the public hearing processes, disseminated valuable information related to the petition and otherwise created an awareness of the community of Oakwood Hills and all it has to offer its residents and neighbors.

Also, special thanks for the valuable assistance provided by The Waggoner Law Firm.

Best Regards,
Paul J Smith
Acting President

“It’s a great day!” Chris Christensen, one of the area leaders from Lake Killarney, exclaimed.

“It shows what can happen when the community comes together.

“You can move mountains.”

= = = = =
Oakwood Hills power plant opposition leader Ryan Noonen sent out the following email Wednesday night:

To those that are opposed to the Oakwood Hills Power Plant:

It seems that our fight is over! Thank you all for your solidarity and support over the last few months. As a community we have come together, fought, and won! Take a look at the release posted to the Oakwood Hills website below.

Also, please be on the lookout for some additional information on how we plan to use the last of our donated money, and we will also send out an email to highlight those politicians who have supported us during this ordeal. We all have to work hard to support them in the coming elections! Please ensure you are registered to vote!

More to come…..


Power Plant Is Dead – Who Says You Can’t Beat City Hall? — 18 Comments

  1. We did it together Cal.

    Take a bow and thank you for all.

  2. Great news.

    You held together as a community and got it down.

    Great job!!!

  3. We are beating corruption and taking back our government.

    Now, it’s your job to get out on election day and vote for Bill Prim…

    That is what it will take to get rid of the regime and make sure that our government works for the people.


    Take back McHenry County…

  5. It started with a garbage dump in the County and then a gravel pit south of Woodstock and then Alden Road and then Fleming Road and then the County GOP plus Bill Prim and then Randall Road and then RVs plus horse racing and now the Power plant.

    If we can carry the same enthusiasm forward plus advance this positive thinking statewide, we will elect Prim, McSweeny, Reick, Wheeler, Schimpf and Rauner, Hultgren, Roskam on Nov. 4.

    After the show last night I must say I would not be upset of a Democrat replaced Gottemoller on the Board this year as long as we dump the other two Dems on the County Board.

    Hopefully we can find some good conservatives to run for school boards next spring plus some more good conservatives to replace McCann, Schofield, Miller, Draffkorn, Hill, Skala, Heisler, and Martens in 2016 .

  6. Great job!

    This is what happens when good people hold our elected officials accountable.

    Let it continue, so much work to do. Uncovering the mess at MCC should be next!

    The new GOP is a good start as well.

    Weeding out the county board as Cautious voter pointed out should be top priority!

    Vote Andrew Gasser!!!

  7. Yes, the Landfill was the beginning . . . we stood our ground!!!

    The problem was Rich Flood and his Law Firm represented LITH and Lakewood, all of whom would of received tipping fees from the garbage company.

    We had enough numbers to back us up, but they took us through hearings and grief.

    So glad you received media attention to stop this.

    Best to all of you who took a stand.

  8. WTG folks of Oakwood Hills!

    Like I always say- Be Proud to be a NIMBY – because if you don’t care about your own backyard – WTH *do* you care about?

  9. Thanks to Cal for all the help by being the first to report the truth about this issue.

    But the picture is from the Power Plant Opposition meeting at the PG School, all zoning hearings were at Holiday Inn.

    This feels great!! Thanks to all who worked so hard fighting. Go NIMBY’s!

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