Jack Franks Signs Popping Up Like Toad Stools

Mushrooms 1 8-14Note from a friend about the posting of Jack Franks signs in Woodstock:

Heard from people in Woodstock.

They wake up to find Franks signs in every yard.

Placed without permission.

A note saying that if you do not want the sign to notify Franks and it will be picked up.


Signs removed all over the neighborhood by owners.


Jack Franks Signs Popping Up Like Toad Stools — 12 Comments

  1. Yup – all over the place without permission.

    Even outside his district.

    Stupid move just ticking people off.

    Harrison signs popping up on property lines.

    Looks foolish.

  2. Sounds like something Franks would do.

    Haven’t seen Harrison signs.maybe someone should tell his people that they should put the yard signs in their FRONT yards and not their back yards.l.o.l.

  3. What is with some of these politicians that think, they don’t have to respect other people or the rules don’t apply to them?…..

    Bad move Jack.

  4. Anyone who has a unauthorized sign on their property should call the police and tell them Franks has placed a sign on your property with your consent, which is against the law, and have the police deal with it.

    Won’t be very many happy officers but they can site him.

  5. Don’t you people know you are nothing more than Jack’s expedients?

    Serving to promote his desired ends?

    It’s just further evidence, of the arrogance of the Political Class.

    But if I caught a Jack minion sticking that on my lawn, I’d kick him so hard, he’d be wearing his ass for a hat.

  6. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

    Where can we get some large red circles with slashes so the signs can have the opposite message?

  7. What’s the big surprise? ….. he does this every election!

    99% of his rather poorly-designed signs are ‘chicken signs’ …. thrown up w/o permission, or along the public way… where they may be removed.

    I’m going to make sure everybody knows little Jacko voted for same-sex marriage.

    Why does he have a stylized American flag on his signs anyway …….. he owes his first loyalty somewhere else.

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