Nick Chirikos Votes Against Allowing Public Comment Before Zoning Votes

The agenda for last Tuesday’s McHenry County Board meeting is below:

Note that Public Comment appears below what the people in the audience came to comment upon.

Note that Public Comment appears below what the people in the audience came to comment upon.

The room was pretty full for the fourth straight meeting. Here’s how County Board member John Hammerand saw the meeting:

The County Board Meeting Room was packed with citizens during the meetings of Aug 19, Sept 2, and Sept 16 (even after a lengthy presentation, many citizens stayed until 11 pm because the Agenda was marked for action) On Sept 23 the meeting started at 6:30 and there was an attempt by Chairman Tina Hill to delay Public Comment until the end, but on a Motion by Diane Evertsen the Board overturned her decision and let the people speak. They spoke on a number of issues but on that night primarily the RV and Horse Racing issues. They spoke for more than an hour. Prior to the start of the dismantling of the UDO’s restrictions on RV Parking, many spoke to the shortcomings of the UDO and the lack of civility and concern for neighbors that the Horse Racing Temporary Event causes and the disruption of peaceful neighborhoods. They were lobbying against the proposed amendments in the UDO regarding horse racing made by Nick Chirikos and Carolyn Schofield to allow horse racing in agricultural areas. I made a motion to amend the text of the proposed UDO to allow horse racing at the County Fairgrounds, but Chairman Hill ruled it out of order as it was a proposed amendment even though the proposed amendment called for horse racing in A-1 and that the County Fairgrounds are zoned A-1 and said that matter would be taken up later after the proposed amendments were dealt with. Using that logic, this UDO revision process will be a long and laborious task for many issues will be reopened so the people will have no assurance that their issues will be “put to bed” unless they attend until the final vote of the UDO. Personally, I would prefer the UDO be divided into Sections, each Section to be dealt with individually.  Each Section could then be given adequate time for discussion and resolution of concerns prior to a vote of approval, after which  each said Section would be reinstated back into the UDO. I sense a major misunderstanding amongst the public. The UDO is NOT law now – we are in the process of developing a NEW ordinance so any and all provisions are up for change and review. A vote on Tuesday night can be overridden at the next meeting on October 1st or any subsequent meetings. I certainly agree that 350 pages of an ordinance is cumbersome and should be broken down into its component parts. Again, the UDO IS NOT LAW and will not be law until it’s final passage.

Voting in favor of a motion to put Public Comment ahead of the action to be taken on the new zoning ordinance were

  • Aavang
  • Barnes
  • Draffkorn
  • Evertsen
  • Gottemoller
  • Hammerand
  • Heisler
  • Jung
  • Koehler
  • Kurtz
  • Martens
  • McCann
  • McClellan
  • Miller
  • Provenzano
  • Salgado
  • Schofield
  • Schuster
  • Skala
  • Walkup
  • Hill

Alone in opposition was Nick Chirikos. Absent were Paula Yensen and Robert Nowak.


Nick Chirikos Votes Against Allowing Public Comment Before Zoning Votes — 14 Comments

  1. Cumbersome this!

    How about you throw it all out.

    It’s NONE of your business!

  2. There should ALWAYS be public comments before any action.

    Nick Chirikos, what do you expect.

    He has got to go…..anywhere

    Also,Anyone supporting Jim Harrison is also off my list of common sense thinkers.

  3. Who appointed Chirikos Grand Dictator ………….Joe Goat-e-mailer?

    Chirikos must be thrown out of office …. when is this tiny tyrant coming up for re-election?

  4. From

    Chirikos: adjective \chər ē kōs\

    1: blocking the passage of radiant energy and especially light
    : opaque : exhibiting opacity (see opacity)

    2: hard to understand or explain

    3: obtuse

  5. Chirikos is up for election NOW!

    Call people in District One and tell them to vote ONLY for Andrew Gasser.

    He is a conservative who believes in HONEST, FRUGAL government.

  6. Mr. Chirikos is just following instructions from the Democrat party.

    The White House does not allow photographs but hands out their own AUTHORIZED pictures.

    Have you seen any embedded reporters recently in Afghanistan?

    Iraq? Syria? Libya? Kenya? Guinea? “unacompanied” illegal alien children shelters?

    Now they got rid of Eric Holder – maybe because he was too open?

    Wait until you see who is the next A.G.!!!

    Yesterday there was a beheading in Oklahoma – it finally made the news this afternoon.

  7. Cindy, I am sorry I did not mention it in the story but I made the first motion of the meeting which was to postpone the UDO indefinitely.

    I believe it was Provenzano or Evertsen who seconded the motion.

    It lost by a large margin

  8. That’s right vote for Gasser.

    Anyone, that thinks the public should not have the right to voice their opinion, should not be in office…

    Gosh Nick, you should know better!

  9. Maybe he didn’t understand what he was making a motion for, give him the benefit of the doubt; he IS a Democrat after all.

    They have different ways of thinking.

    Isn’t it the franks campaign which thinks it is OK to put-up signs in peoples’ yards without permission?

    Isn’t Jack franks a Democrat?

    I rest my case.

  10. According to the comments made here, I don’t think anyone understands what this article is about.

    People seem to be jumping to very odd conclusions.

    Thank you, John.

    From your last sentence, I gather the Gestapo is in full dudgeon.

  11. It’s obvious; Nick likes to hear himself talk, but no one else.

    Bye Nick; Vote Gasser

  12. I am afraid that the fluoride in our water supply has permanently shut down the pineal gland in vast amounts of people.

    I had a huge post in my head but I decided to “dumb it down” so that it will be read (If not comprehended).

    To all the people that piled on in the comments: You should be ashamed.

    Your answer to everything is vote the dork out and vote a new one in.

    How exactly, does that fix stupid? This piece has nothing to do with whether or not the people should be heard.

    But yet, you all took up your torches just like the idiot villagers in Frankenstein.

    Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    Perhaps, if you are really serious about fixing this broken government, you should consider saying prayers for the people like Cal, and John and Diane that are actually trying to do something to help you. And while you are at it, ask God to forgive you for that mob mentality and ask Him to help you ascertain truth.

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