CDC Says Ebola Spread Like HIV

This what I found on the CDC web site about the transmission of ebola yesterday:
Ebola CDC facts 9-29-14But, this is the way medical workers dress while treating ebola victims:

Ebola More than univerzsal precautions TRib 9-28-14

The Chicago Tribune ran this story on September 28th.

So why the super protective clothing, if it’s spread like HIV?

Ebola Nurse Garb Trib 9-29-14

This is how nurses dress in Africa when escorting a suspected ebola patient.

Click on the title of the story running in the Chicago Tribune about the Liberian being treated in Dallas:

CDC confirms first Ebola case diagnosed in United States

I wonder what garb United States medical providers will be seen wearing.

And why.


CDC Says Ebola Spread Like HIV — 10 Comments

  1. Are you saying that you question the ability of the government to tell you the truth?

  2. Cal- I presume your readers would prefer a fact sheet that consist of more than 3 sentences; since the CDC calls the image you posted an ‘ infographic’- not a fact sheet. Here’s the fact sheet:

    One fact: the Ebola virus is far more virulent and transmissible than HIV.

    How many family members have become HIV+ by caring for a relative with AIDS?

    How many family members have contracted Ebola from caring for a family member?

    I presume you can answer the question.

  3. Ebola is spread through contact with bodily fluids – primarily blood – of the infected patient.

    Ebola is a hemoraghic fever, which means it causes its victims to bleed.

    The fancy suit is for protection against blood.

  4. Cal is trying to tell you that this is hype.

    Look into the real story.

    Critical thinking is needed here.

    Whatever they are spreading it is not ebola.

  5. Extreme precautions are taken to avoid contact with secretions because Ebola has extremely high mortality rate.

    As DJ post describes patient care conditions in clinic, exposure to secretions is highly likely.

    Less fastidious attention to personal protective equipment can cost medical workers their lives.

    Several healthcare workers deaths have been reported.

    A good source of information about Ebola outbreak is Doctors Without Borders website.

  6. And Cindy got her PHD where?

    “The Ebola virus causes massive hemorrhaging of the internal organs and coughing up blood. normally you die within a couple of days of contracting it. HIV, on the other hand, lies dormant. an hiv sufferer can go for years without knowing, because it does nothing. then, it may activate and attack the immune system so that you are more susceptible to other pathogens. it does not kill you directly, something else you contract does. ”

    Note the protective suits do not include a separate source of air.

    The suits are to stay clear of body fluids including blood.

    If the virus was air borne, the suits would include a separate source for air and the death toll would be in the hundreds of thousands or more.

    The current strain is not spread via air but future strains may.

    The question I have is why was someone or for that matter, anyone returning from Liberia not quarantined?

    We know the infection rate in Liberia is very high?

  7. The ‘hype’ about Ebola may be diminishing in the near future.

    Each outbreak of Ebola is getting worse.

    Each outbreak goes through a cycle and so far each cycle has been brought to an end.

    We may not be as fortunate with the next outbreak.

    “Efforts to contain the Ebola outbreaks in Nigeria and Senegal appear to have succeeded, even as the virus continues to spread in the hardest-hit West African countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, U.S. and African health officials said on Tuesday.”

    FYI The CDC has a patent on one strain of Ebola:

  8. Connecting?

    What would a PhD have to do with anything I said?

    Where’s yours?????

    Where are the pictures of this?

    Where are the bloody pictures!!!

    You state …”we know’…

    Try this – you know nothing.

    All you know is what you are being told.

    Shame on you for attacking the messenger.
    Critical thinking, people. Your life may depend upon it.

  9. Vickery Meadows is where Leonian refugees have lived for years and number about 5,000 now in Dallas, less than 10 miles from my house.

    On the local news last night, one of the community leaders said that many visit family and go back and forth. That they knew it was a matter of time before they brought it here.

    Seems Connecting Dots has a point.

    Everyone knew the risks but as always did nothing.

    Gov. probably didn’t want to appear to be singling out any particulars you see.

  10. Susan, thank you for the web site and the other comments were very true, well except for Cindy.

    Cindy do not mislead the readers.

    You are on those goofy sites again which mislead you into ridiculous thinking.

    Cindy, Ebola IS what is spreading and “THEY” are people who have it and are spreading it.

    There is no other conspiracy.

    I don’t think Cal is telling anyone it is a hype.

    Don’t put words in Cal’s mouth.

    Connecting Dots, you do make a very good point about Liberia.

    Megan Kelly on the Kelly file had a good report last night.

    Fox news covers the Ebola
    topic very well.

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