MCC Trustee Applicants Being Interviewed Revealed

Tonight’s the night when the six McHenry County College Trustees are interviewing applicants for the board vacancy created when Tom Wilbeck, elected a bit over two years ago, resigned due to moving a little bit out of the district.

The people who resumes were forwarded pursuant to a Freedom of Information request follow:

Daniel Ensalaco has a community college background including working in administrative posts at Waubansee, Moraine Park Technical College in Fond du Loch, Wis., and now at Harper.

Nancy Hiatt, who has both an MBA and a Master’s degree in Social Work.  She is owner of SeniorKare in Woodstock.  Previously, she ran Home of the Sparrow for four years.  She has also been Executive Director  for The Center for Women in Transition in Champaign for six months and Victim/Witness Services in Conconino County in Flagstaff, Arizona, for six years.

Carol Larson, a previous McHenry County College Board member for twenty-four years, who was not re-elected last year.

George Lowe, a previous McHenry County Board member for many years.  His re-election effort three years ago was unsuccessful. He is a former Board President.

Michael McNerney, a Woodstock attorney, is also a former MCC Board member, serving twelve years ending in 1992, including being President of the Board.  He has served as McHenry County Public Defender and was a twelve-year member of the County Zoning Board of Appeals.  He has a daughter who is an Assistant State’s Attorney.

Tom Paulson of Bull Valley has served as President of its association and serves on the McHenry County College Foundation Board.  He is currently in real estate sales.

Leslie Schermerhorn, appointed McHenry County Superintendent of Education running for re-election this fall.

Erik Sivertsen, a member of the McHenry Elementary School Board. Sivertsen is a recent MCC grad who ran for the board this past time around.  Representing himself, he withstood a challenge from the State’s Attorney’s Office challenging his right to run for both offices simultaneously.  He is a Republican Precinct Committeeman and is active in the Young Republicans.

Michael K. Smith ran for the MCC Board last year. He is a former Chairman of the McHenry County College Foundation Board, is married to Lakewood Village President Erin Smith and got 122 more votes that Carol Larson in the 2013 election.  He is in the retirement plan and benefits industry.

Scott R. Smith is Vice President of Sales and Marketing/Operations for Faspro Technologies.  Previously, he worked for Automatic Corporation and Plas-Tech Engineering and several other businesses.  Smith may have been one of the leaders of a taxpayers group that pressured Crystal Lake High School District 155 to show restraint in its budgeting in 2011.

Ray Thornton‘s resume starts with a Vice Presidency from January 2001 through September 2002 with a not-for-profit in West Virginia called AEL.  His role was to help broaden its client base for information services from its original k-12 school customers.  Prior to that he was Executive Dean for Strategic Services for Mott Community College in southeastern Michigan for five years.  He was Executive Dean for Continuing Education the three years before that.  He played a lesser role in the same field the nine years before that and Director of Off Campus services the preceding five years.  He started to work for the college in 1970.  At the college he was also President of the Professional Administrators Association.

Edward Varga, Richmond, is a consulting engineer who ran for the McHenry County Board in 2010 and 2012.  You can read his 2010 ALAW questionnaire here.  Varga also campaigned for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in 2009.  In 2013 he applied for the McHenry County slot on the RTA Board.


MCC Trustee Applicants Being Interviewed Revealed — 1 Comment

  1. Scott Smith looks to be a fine candidate.

    The majority appear to be wannabes or has beens.

    Last thing needed here as an example, is someone with say ’24 years’ experience, driving our tax bills to some of the highest in the country.

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