Republicans Recruting Candidates for Local Office

This press release below from local Republican Party is too narrowly headlined. It is aimed at any Republican planning to run for any local office. All of those on the ballot next spring are non-partisan, but the actions of those school, junior college, park, library, fire protection districts, plus city and village boards, make up over 80% of the property tax burden.

McHenry County Republicans to host Municipal Election Fair

Demetrio Tsilmigras

Demetri Tsilimigras

Crystal Lake, IL September 30, 2014 — The McHenry County Republican Party will be hosting a Municipal Election Fair on October 14th at 7pm.

The fair, which will be held at McHenry County Republican Headquarters, 16E Crystal Lake Plaza in Crystal Lake is open to any Republicans in McHenry County who are considering running for one of the many non­partisan offices that will be decided in the spring of 2015.

Steve Rooney

Steve Rooney

Republican Township Chairmen Mike Shorten, Demetri Tsilimigras and Steve Rooney are organizing the event that will enable Republicans who are considering running for office in the 2015 elections to hear from past and current members of City, Village School & Park boards about the responsibilities of the positions.

Mike Shorten

Mike Shorten

“Approximately 80% of annual property taxes in McHenry County are paid to government bodies whose boards are elected during off cycle elections that typically have a turnout of less than 15%, and many of the positions on these boards are unopposed during the election cycle,” said Nunda Republican Chairman Mike Shorten.

McHenry County Republican Chairman Sandra Salgado expressed her enthusiasm, “It’s our hope by holding this event we will be able to increase participation and involvement in the municipal election process.”

Registration for the fair is required as seating is limited and can be completed online at


Republicans Recruting Candidates for Local Office — 7 Comments

  1. Let’s wait until the honeymoon is over.

    Every faction that takes control comes in with grandiose ambition and dreams, and so far they all have settled into complacency shortly thereafter.

  2. At least they are welcoming people.

    A far cry from the old guard.

    These are also the people that promoted term limits.

    I signed their petition.

  3. Good job Republican Party!

    This has never been done before, and it’s a welcome change.

    Good people are stepping up and volunteering that have never been involved before and that is great, that is exactly what we need to be successful as a county and a country.

    It all starts locally.

    We need fiscal conservatives to run our school boards and local governments.

    What better way to attract new people but to educate them on the process.

    Many times folks want to run but don’t realize the process starts much earlier than election time.

    Way to go!

  4. Fresh new Township Leaders doing fresh new things.

    This is how we build the bench.

    Hats off to Mike, Steve, and Demetri for leading the way on this.

    This is how you grow the party.

    One local election at a time.

  5. This is excellent.

    So many of us were shunned & lied to by the old guard if we didn’t tow their idea of the party line.

    How refreshing to see the new leadership step up to the plate and do what’s right.

    Hopefully those who thought they had it in the bag and lost are not suffering from “sour grapes” and will join in taking back McHenry County – then Illinois.

    Corruption has run rampant throughout this state.

    It needs to be stopped one school board, village, township, county (& county board) at a time.

    No more, a select, self anointed few running our lives and spending our hard earned money.

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