See a Politician Get Eaten

This was just received from Algonquin Township Trustee Larry Emery (who now sports a mustache for the play):

Politician Performs in Power Packed Play

Just when you thought you were safe, a local politician steps onto a different type of stage.

A real stage.

Larry Emery of Crystal Lake, Algonquin Township Trustee of McHenry County, put down his pen and phone (sorry couldn’t resist) and put on some makeup to try his hand at acting/singing.

When you are scared of who has too much power, here is a chance to set back and be entertained.

Little Sho of Horros promo

“Little Shop of Horrors” is playing at the Woodstock Opera House for the next three weekends.

You might see a solution what should happen to some of your “favorite” politicians.

A new meaning of term limits.

Order your tickets now before Audrey II comes to your neighborhood.

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