$700,000 To County for Gary Gauger Defense Reimbursement

The Law and Justice Committee of the McHenry County Board will hear about a $700,000 check about to be received.

It is the result of negotiations by the State’s Attorney’s Office with various insurance companies to reimburse legal expenses paid to those defending law enforcement folks who wrongfully sent Richmond resident Gary Gauger to death row.

When Gauger sued, the County won.

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Why the County didn’t just negotiate with Gauger for the massive miscarriage of justice by the Sheriff’s Department and the then-State’s Attorney is beyond me.

I think he should have gotten the $1.2 million, rather than the County’s defense team.


$700,000 To County for Gary Gauger Defense Reimbursement — 5 Comments

  1. There are a plethora of things “wrong” with this story, but your comment on the $1.2 million is correct.

    Is there any wonder that attorneys are considered such a detestable people as a group?

  2. They should have done the right thing and paid him.

    Clearly, he should have never been arrested.

  3. Now, this check is ABOUT to be received.

    If this was a reimbursement check for the Sheriff’s department and THEN State’s Atorney’s office for doing work which lead to this terrible injustice why shouldn’t this $700,000.00 check SHOULD GO TO Gary Gauger for wrongful prosecution.

    It’s been such a long time but let’s see if they do the right thing now and give Gary the check.

  4. Sadly I fear this may be very small compared to what may happen when some of the various parties involved in the Carrick case are done with our current States Attorney’s office.

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