Lt. Gov. Candidate Speaks to Algonquin Township Republicans

People driving by d'Andrea's mid-day Saturday could tell something political was going on.

People driving by d’Andrea’s mid-day Saturday could tell something political was going on.

Alg GOP funer crowd 2

Demetri Tsilimigras introduced those who made large contributions to the event.

The first attempt at fundraising by newly-elected Republican Township Chairman Demetri Tsilimigras was a success.

A view from the other side of the room.

A view from the other side of the room.  Bill Prim can be seen working the tables.  Tom McDermott, on the right at the first table was given a lifetime service award for his thirty years as a Precinct Committeeman.

Party faithful and guests gathered at d’Andrea’s Banquet Hall to hear Republican Lt. Governor candidate Evelyn Sanguinetti.

Sanguinetti told her life story, beginning as a child of a sixteen-year old mother.  She worked her way out of poverty.  It is a quite inspiring story.

Demetri's daughter with Evelyn 10-4-14

Evelyn Sanguinetti held the cutest person–Demetri and Eleni Tsilimigras’ daughter–in the room after her talk.

Before the candidate’s talk, McHenry County Republican Chairman Sandra Salgado gave a pep talk.  She excoriated Independent candidate for Sheriff Jim Harrison for his negative campaigning, suggesting in more graphic language that “what goes around comes around.”

Chris Yaeger conducted the awarding of the door prizes.

Alg Funder Demetri'sdaughter drawing ticket

With her mother Eleni’s encouragement, the youngest Tsilmgras in the room drew a ticket from the pumpkin that Chris Yaeger was holding.

One ticket was drawn by Tsilimigras’ daughter.

Skinner + Yaeger Alg Twp GOP

Guess who won a door prize. “Take a selfie,” one said. Lake County Board member Nick Sauer took this photo with my camera. “Now you know how other people feel,” another said.

Among the candidates and officials present were Sheriff’s candidate Bill Prim, State Rep. David McSweeney, Treasurer’s candidate Glenda Miller, County Auditor Pam Palmer, County Auditor Anne Majewski, McHenry County Board members Nick Provenzano and Donna Kurtz, plus candidates Andrew Gasser and Chuck Wheeler, Lake County Board member Nick Sauer, Algonquin Township Trustee Larry Emery, and Crystal Lake City Councilman Jeff Thorsen.


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  1. Now this is entertainment for all of us to have a good laugh.

    McHenry County Republican Chairman Sandra Salgado gave a pep talk excoriating Independent candidate for Sheriff Jim Harrison for his negative campaigning?

    In the primary, Prim supporters through mud and allegation at many good McHenry County Citizens and business owners who had never been charged with any type of criminal activity.

    Now that two convicted criminals, key members in the Prim Regime has been exposed, Matt McNamara for beating women, dragging a woman around a parking lot by her hair, and Mickey Schuch, who carried a knife as part of an armed robbery attempt, Mr. Harrison is being criticized for negative campaigning.

    Since when is exposing the truth is negative campaigning?

    I know this is a great embarrassment to the new Republican Party Chairman Sandy Salgado, who appointed Matt McNamara and Mickey Schuch to positions in our government, but trying to turn convicted criminals into the “good guys” is a very disgusting way to defend criminal behavior that transmits a disease in the future of our government.

  2. Eric C.: Digging into the background of people who support someone is disgraceful.

    Zinke called Rita Corp.

    That is aiding and abetting in my book.

    Primary reason for support of the guy running against Bill Prim is they expect ‘favors’ from the other guy – that is how the old hierarchy of the McCounty County USED to work!

    We need to end the practice of calling judges out of bed when someone is stopped for a DUI!

  3. And where were the other, so called, elected Republicans who live in the area?

    Time to work hard at recruiting replacements!!

  4. Eric C, you are confused.

    First of all this is a BLOG and people on this blog give their opinion on articles that are written.

    For the most part people are talking back and forth by what other bloggers are saying, just as I am doing now to your comment.

    Prim and for that matter even Harrison can not control what people on this blog say.

    These comments are made by the people not Prim or Harrison.

    They can not control what a blogger writes or control their opinions.

    Comments on a blog are not indorsed by the candidates.

    Prim to my knowledge has never publicly thrown mud or made any allegations against anyone in Harrison’s camp or even Harrison for that matter.

    Prim is running a clean campaign on his concern for the people of our County and his qualifications.

    So what do we SEE about how Harrison and how he is running his campaign?

    Apparently NOT by telling the people about his qualifications BUT BY investigating Prim supporters.

    Harrison couldn’t find anything negative about Prim’s background so what does he do?

    He attacks his supporters and even has to go back 14 and more years to do so.

    Man don’t we all have a past?

    No one is saying what they did was right but today these two men have shown that they are respectable men and help their community.

    Instead of running investigations but that is what attorney’s, Mr. Harrison try displaying some integrity and try running on your own qualifications instead of trying to harm the lives of others.

  5. Voters ask yourself one question?

    Do you want a Sheriff who can run on his own excellent background in law enforcement and present accomplishments and has integrity and wants to serve the people of McHenry County in a clean campaign.
    do you want a attorney that makes his campaign a “CASE” rather than running on his qualifications pertaining to running a Sheriff’s department?

    Do you want a candidate that ruins the lives of supporters for Prim JUST to divert peoples attention so they forget He only has the qualification of being a deputy sheriff 25 years ago for only 8 years?

    O.K. so it is more than one question but my vote goes to Prim !

  6. This was an event where people were actually happy to be there; who met and talked with other guests, and hung around to chat.

    And, how inspiring was Lt. Gov. candidate, Evelyn Sanguinetti!

    This is the new face of the Republican Party in McHenry County that can be a force in electing good people at all levels, instead of infighting and dishing dirt.

    No longer is the party about power; it’s about giving people a good reason to get out and vote. Congratulations to Demetri and all who made this possible.

  7. “Eric” While we are talking about exposing 2 supporters.

    How about. Harrisons campaign contributor that was arrested for DUI, reckless driving.

    She was required to attend the DUI school and the victim impact panel.

    If you recall she contributed $540 to Harrison campaign.

    She was also charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

    Then in April of 2013 the suspension was recinded.

    Apparrently, she didn’t follow the terms of her suspension.

    Shall I name, names?

    Gosh, Eric who’s next?

  8. “Eric”

    Well if you don’t know I will tell you..

    Then there was an additional contribution of $151 from a business owner, located in McHenry.

    By the way, he is a “CONVICTED FELON”

    Let’s see, a conviction for obstruction of justice and destroying evidence… Hmmmmmm

    Not looking good Eric.

    Those 2 incidents from those 2 campaign contributors did not happen 15 years ago, they are recent.

    More to come at a McHenry County Theatre near you…

    “Eric” will have front row seating compliments of Duncan…

    Gee Eric, shall I tell everyone who I am talking about.

    My information is based on the facts, not innuendoes, or assumptions, or twisting of the facts like you.

    In fact, the records are at the McHenry County Government center for all to view.

    It just so happens, I have a copy of everything.

  9. Eric C. and Harrison are counting on people being stupid.

    Neither McNamara have been hired by anyone.

    Both are successful businessmen and have no need to be hired by anyone.

    It would seem that Mr. Harrison is absolutely desperate to win the race and the real question that needs to be asked is…


  10. Then there is a supporter of Harrison’s who presently works for the DesPlaines police department.

    Her husband worked there and was given a 30 day suspension for ghost writing tickets.

    Her husband left DesPlains and is currently a Deputy Sheriff in McHenry County. Hmmmmm.

    So Mr.Harrison why didn’t you know this?

    This information was posted on your facebook page but you conveniently removed the information.

    I do however have a picture of the post before you took it off.

    So we all have a past. We may know damaging information about someone BUT as you see I don’t mention names.

    Why should I.

    This is a race between Prim and Harrison not the supporters.

    By naming names Mr. Harrison has intentionally hurt someone’s business and they have lost customers because of Harrison’s actions.

    Sounds like someone has grounds for a lawsuit against Harrison.

  11. Let us compare the qualifications between the candidates.

    Bill Prim attended the 10-week Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command online courses in leadership, motorcycles, forensics, crime scene, and crash investigation.

    A 29-year career law enforcement, Bill Prim attended thousands of hours of continuing education, which is usually a one day 6-hour seminar at local departments in law enforcement quick training courses.

    Mr. Harrison’s Education:

    Associates of Science Degree – Business Administration – 1978
    Bachelor of Science Degree – Business Administration/Finance – 1986
    Juris Doctor Degree – Law – 1991

    Mr. Harrison’s Experience:

    Illinois Supreme Court – 1991
    U.S. District Court – Northern District of Illinois – General Bar – 1991
    U.S. District Court – Northern District of Illinois – Trial Bar – 1993
    U.S. District Court – Eastern District of Wisconsin – 1996
    United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit – 1991
    United States Supreme Court – 1999

    Founding Attorney – 1991-Present Harrison Law Offices, P.C. – Woodstock, Illinois
    Special Assistant State’s Attorney – 1992-2005 McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office, Woodstock, IL
    Legal Assistant/Staff Attorney – 1990-1991 Illinois Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council, Springfield, IL
    McHenry County Deputy Sheriff – 1981-1989

    There is much more, visit

    It is obvious that Mr. Harrison strived to improve his education and experience over the years as Bill Prim played it safe to just get by as he was too lazy to improve his education.

    We need more than an uneducated career cop to tell the patrol officers at roll call to be careful out there, we need a professional with Business skills to run a corporate-size department with the education and experience with a background in law enforcement.

    Mr. Harrison has the highest qualifications to be the next Sheriff of McHenry County as Bill Prim simply does not have the resume to qualify to run a corporate-size department.

  12. Eric you really make me laugh as you are now spreading lies about Prims education and past achievements.

    Prim did not have quick training courses and your comments only show how naive you are.

    Voters can read his qualifications and experience on his Facebook.

    Gee first dirt throwing and going after volunteers and now down right telling lies.

    You are insulting every McHenry County voter by making them look like they don’t have a brain in there heads.

    They can read and know a good candidate like Prim.

    Try as hard as you want because you are desperate but you can’t keep a good man down.

    What you have listed under Harrison are qualification of an attorney not a Sheriff and
    lets not forget this is a race for the next Sheriff of McHenry County not a attorney position.

    Maybe that is how Harrison supporters are confused.

    They think the race is for an attorney.

    It is for Sheriff !!!!

  13. It seems that Harrison has some problems with simple things.

    McHenry County Fair for one –

    The contract with the Fair Board – You cannot walk aisles and solicit or campaign for your products or candidacy.

    Must stay within 2 feet of your booth.

    Harrison and wife walking aisles in all the buildings, talking to people and approaching booths and soliciting their support.

    Digging into their pockets that were filled with folded up campaign literature and handing them out.

    Then had some of their people doing the same.

    Really ticking off the people that followed the rules.

    This is just plain sneaky crap and a sign of what kind of sheriff he would make.

  14. The one thing I just cannot get out of my mind, is when Jim Harrison, right here on this blogs comment board, in writing, in his own words, “Challenged” an innocent commenter with violence.

    Harrison offered to give this commenter a, “Free Lesson,” referring to Harrison’s Karate background.

    I was on the fence…..

    However since that moment, I saw Keith Nygren’s face appear with Harrison’s highly disturbing suggestion of his use of violence against a person exercising his/her God given right as a citizen of this nation.

    “We” all worked way to hard to allow the likes of Jim Harrison to turn back hands of time now.

    Commander Prim isn’t a politician, he isn’t all warm and fuzzy even.

    But I will tell you as a lawman myself, when the bad guys come a knocking, it’s Bill Prims front door I will be a rock’n! I won’t need a washed up, big mouthed, self serving thug of a lawyer.

    PS. Anybody who might have had doubts that Andrew Zinke “USED” his buddies at the local FBI offices to ILLEGALLY investigate his political detractors, I now have proof positive that this is fact!

    I have my own FBI file and it was Zinke all along who used his position as U.S. to try to bully his ‘perceived’ enemies.

    I believe via my constitutionally protected opinion that Jim Harrison would not hold back for one moment, to do the same thing.

    We have had enough of the “Thugs of McHenry.” (Hey Paul Scharff, there is a title for your next book!”

  15. Observations-Zinke lost the primary–some here seem to forget that and keep recalling it as though Zinke’s still running.

    That said, I just read where DPPD ex-Commander Velt just got 6 months for his IDOT fraud and it’s really a stretch to clump ‘contributors’ with staff.

    For one, how ridiculous is it to assume candidates are going to do a background (or can…) on someone looking to donate?

    Now, having a staff member (or two) with a violent past actively involved in your day-to-day campaign?

    That can be very provocative, intriguing and telling, IMHO.

  16. Here is another character builder of Harrison.

    In a 1/13/2014 at 9:35 a.m. Harrison made a comment on Cal’s blog.

    Here is the direct quote from Harrison himself.

    “I myself considered taking legal action when blog comments have crossed the line from fair comment to malicious defamation ( by who’s standards, yours) Harrison goes on to say ”

    I even preserved evidence of some of these comments and memorialized the Statue of Limitations date in which to file a lawsuit, just in case”

    So is Harrison, by his own comments on the blog, trying to intimidate people with a lawsuit?

    Harrison started his plan back in Jan. and went on to go after Prim’s supporters as of the current date.

    Is this what people want as the next Sheriff? Not me. He rather sounds like a bully by his actions.

    You never see Prim doing this.

    Looks like Harrison had a plan all along.

  17. @ Really: I realize Zinke is no longer in play….this election.

    My mention above is as a ‘warning’ to those wishing to elect a man, ‘Harrison,’ who will be just as evil and cunning.

    He’s already proved it so don’t start with the B.S. slight of tongue Harrison campaign.

    Say as you wish “Really,” I have the reports from FBI out of Washington, on my desk as I type this note.

    Zinke committed MULTIPLE statements that will be deemed libelous at the least.

    Statements he made to make the FBI believe there was a need to investigate a private citizen with a SPOTLeSS record!

    Should we just forget the past “Really” as to not be politically incorrect?

    Or, should people such as myself who have been violated by a political candidate for his own gain, “So he hoped,” just be a ‘sheep’ like most and “Let bygones be bygones?”

    I suppose allowing history to repeat itself is okay?

  18. Cal, thanks for the great photo at the top of your article, showing all the illegally-posted election signs in the right-of-way along U.S. Hwy. 14 in front of D’Andrea’s.

  19. Alright Rodney King!

    Vote for Prim and the thugs will be run out of town…

    Gosh, Mr Lawyer, seems to me, the evidence against you and some of your prominent supporters, just keeps getting bigger by the day.

  20. There is much to address here and I will begin with one of the most ridiculous comment made by Duncan Mchenry.

    There is a big difference between a contributor and a business owner that donate a minute amount of money to Mr. Harrison’s campaign, than two key members in the Prim Regime, Matt McNamara and Mickey Schuch that worked feverish for the Prim Regime and donated a substantial amount of money to the Prim Regime.

    Let me remind everyone who these two convicted criminal KGB thugs are that is key members in the Prim Regime.

    Matt McNamara was convicted for beating women, dragging a woman around a parking lot by her hair while he was employed by the Des Plaines police department, and worked together with Bill Prim at the Des Plaines police department for 10 years until Matt McNamara’s forced resignation. Knowing Matt McNamara’s background, Bill Prim named Matt McNamara as his campaign manager and Political Committee Chairman.

    Mickey Schuch in charge of getting funds for candidate Bill Prim’s campaign was wearing a camouflage jacket and ski mask cut the phone line to prevent the victim from calling the police armed with a Gerber buck knife attempted armed robbery to steal money from a homeowner that was at home with his wife and children.

    Get both full facts at:

  21. More comments from a candidate (Harrison) who wants to be Sheriff:

    ” I stand up to bullies, so get use to it. Throw all the stones you like, my glass house will endure.

    Will yours ? Chapter Three is coming…..”

    ” I don’t like being pulled into this mudslinging and defending myself to a bunch of wannabes.”

    On Harrison’s Facebook page, throws a fit over the NW Herald misspelling of his name and demands a front page update on the results of an online survey.

    Is this the kind of temperament Mike Bissett describes as the right kind, for a Sheriff ?

    By trying to discredit Prim, the collateral damage Harrison has caused is inexcusable !

    Collateral Damage definition: Damage to things that are UNintentional or incidental to the intended target.

    The collateral damage he has caused, and will continue to cause, by trying to ruin a perfectly Honest, Humble, Truthful Human Being, is unforgivable. This NOT a WAR, it’s a Sheriff’s Race !

    Bombing the surrounding village people, to get the enemy is Bull_ _ _ _

    “Raise The Bar”, he says, I do not want a Sheriff whose bar is only a foot off the ground.( If That)

    We will all stand before HIM in the end. What will Harrison’s response be ?

    He cannot SPIN the TRUTH when standing before God !

    Vote for Bill Prim ( sorry about bringing religion into politics, for those who are offended )

  22. Eric, you sound like you are Harrison himself.

    This topic is way to confusing for you to understand so as far as I go, on to the next article as you want this to continue and I myself won’t give you what you want.

    Too smart for you Eric…………..

  23. Let’s see, review the list for Harrisons campaign contributors.

    One was arrested for DUI and reckless driving.

    The other is a convicted felon.

    Agree “voter” Eric does sound like Harrison, or could it be Tamara Demodica?

    Or shall we say Mrs ordinance violation herself?

    Apparently, she has a problem with rules and regulations.

    How much did you have to pay for that ordinance violation Tamara?

    Whats matter, you think you can burn anywhere at anytime?

    She clearly, does not learn from consequences.

    Sure hope Bianchi takes her to the cleaners.

  24. The second most ridiculous comment made was implying that Matt McNamara and Mickey Schuch are simply volunteers.

    Let me see if I understand this correctly, Bill Prim named Matt McNamara as his campaign manager and Political Committee Chairman is a volunteer and Mickey Schuch in charge of getting funds for Bill Prim’s campaign is also just a volunteer.

    Seriously, do you think we bought this horse pile of crap, you must think the people in this county have a low level of intelligence.

  25. “I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is a disgrace, that two become a law firm, and that three or more become a congress.” John Adams, 1787

    McHenry County Board is now a Congress (Gottemoller, Walker, McClellan).

    The absolute LAST thing we need is an attorney ruling as Sheriff!!!

  26. Phil: Your credibility just lost a few points.

    How many months did your PHILPOTT FOR SHERIFF sign remain nailed to a power line pole in the right of way on highway 14 outside of Woodstock??

    Try almost a whole year.

    Hope you are not living in a glass house.

  27. McNamara and Schuck are not just volunteers or supporters.

    They are central players in the Prim Campaign.

    Search this blog.

    What makes them relevant to this race is that they are part of Prim’s pattern of enabling illegal, violent behavior by associates and subordinates.

    This is not mudslinging.

    It is holding a candidate to account for his record.

    What he has done before, he will do again.

    The best way to expose any of Harrison’s baggage is in a debate.

    Prim has broken his promise to debate Harrison and even took down a press release slamming Zinke for ducking a debate. Search this blog.

  28. “Just Joe” The fact remains,

    Prim is the best candidate for the job.

    Harrison has ties to Nygren and Pack.

    When the community receives full disclosure about what Nygren’s reign has really been all about, they will be angry.

    When the community finds out what kind of friendship Harrison had with Nygren and Pack, the tax payers will be angry about that as well.

    Your statement that Prim allowed a pattern of enabling illegal violent behavior of associates and subordinates is slanderous and I hope Prim files a civil law suit against you.


    The only way we will truly be free from corruption is by bringing in new leadership.


  29. Friends with permitted Prim signs are waking up to Harrison signs next to the Prim signs.

    They will be removed.

    Gus, tell your friend not to suppose property does not have the owners around.

  30. Hi Duncan-

    Of course Bill Prim can sue me for slander.

    Anyone can sue anybody for anything.

    However, the truth is an absolute defense against slander and libel.

    EVERYTHING in my comments is well documented by official reports and transcripts.

    Note to Cal Skinner: If an attorney you know to be representing Bill Prim wishes to know my identity and contact info in order to sue me you may provide it to them.

    Duncan, why don’t you furnish some specific claims about Jim Harrison?

    Maybe a document or two?

    Jim did sell real estate to the county.

    He did provide valuable legal services for a fee.

    He was cleared by an official, outside investigation from any and all billing errors resulting from these services.

    My previous offer to pay you to prove me wrong is still open. Any takers? Any?

  31. I don’t know how I missed this comment by ” Happy Trails” but you have to scroll up 8 comments and read what Happy found about Harrison !

    There is even an article which was printed in the Chicago Tribune.

    Good job Happy, we have to expose Harrison for what he really is.

  32. Happy trails, cannot pull up the mail chimp thing.

    What do you do when you get to the mail chimp?

  33. So, Jim Harrison’s “Big Name” supporters are McHenry Dem Party Chair (term used very lightly) Mike Bissett and the “Black Widow” herself, Marlene, ‘Bring me a doll so I can practice performing autopsies in it, Lantz?

    WOW….Gee, maybe Jim will even give Lantz the U.S. job.

  34. Someone has decided to use another person’s moniker–Happy Trails To You.

    Pick your own name, please.

  35. So, like we have said all along, Harrison is a Democrat ! Harrison BIG Name
    supporter is McHenry Democratic Party Chair. Looks like it boils down to
    Democrats vs. Republican after all.

    Vote Prim

  36. Now someone is trying to use someone else’s name? Are they trying to silence Happy Trails because Happy is finding out the truth about Harrison?

  37. Too bad the Herald won’t print this headline:


    A democrat

    First he asks people to donate in behalf of him and his wife to the democratic party

    Now we find out that Harrison’s biggest money supporters are McHenry County
    Democratic Chair persons.

    Another lie to the people of McHenry County Jim.

    What else are you trying to hide from the people of McHenry County?

  38. o.k. you little chimps, you can’t hide the truth from “Happy”

    Everyone, use your own name, because Happy isn’t Happy

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