Yensen Billboard

McHenry County Board member Paula Yensen has at least one billboard up.  You can see it, along with the one for the McHenry County Catholic Prayer Breakfast sign below:

Yensen billboad 10-14

Paula Yensen billboard.


Yensen Billboard — 18 Comments

  1. It’s good to see that Paula chose a billboard design that emphasizes her . . . experience.

  2. Ever notice how Paula Yensen and Nick Chirikos never put Democrat on their signs?

    They simply want to fool the voters.

    It won’t work with Paula and it won’t work in Cary either.

    And last night was disgusting – Geri Davis, you have no shame.

    Do you really think conservative Republicans, which you have shoved to the side all these years that you ran the party, will really vote for Nick Chirikos over Gasser?

    Maybe your friends will but not the party or the conservatives.

    Daniels lost because of you – you continue to relegate yourself into obscurity.

  3. Is Geri Davis’s really Geri Cowlin?

    Wife of long time states attorney William Cowlin?

  4. “Paula Yensen” and “True Leadership” are mutually exclusive concepts ….. together they represent a true oxymoron.

    Perhaps “McHenry County Board” and “True Leadership” are, too.

    “Paula Yensen” on the “McHenry County Board” is an outrage, that must be corrected ASAP.

    Hopefully their misleading days are numbered.

    Yensen is, however, a bit more honest than some of her Co. Bd. colleagues … the the RINOs Tina Hill, Little Miss McCann, and others, in that she actually runs as a Democrat.

    P.S.: Bruce Parker’s post (above) is RIGHT ON TARGET!

    Daniels, perhaps, was a decent fellow at heart ….. but, as the chap fronted by the vile wraiths of Big Al’s broken down RINO machine, he was just a sacrificial lamb.

    Ah, yes …… Big Al, ex-Chicago ward heeler, the McHenry Co. carpetbagger who ruined the county and statewide GOP by its secret complicity w/ the Democratic Party …… his wreckage is all around us … but the County GOP is cleaning house …. a soiled nest that would make the smelly primate pens of Lincoln Park Zoo seem pristine in comparison …. so there is hope for the future with people like Prim, Gasser, Hammerand, Evertsen, Salgado, etc. rebuilding the local GOP from 3 generations of greed and selfishness.

  5. Bruce Parker and OldManWinter,
    Who anointed you to tell who is a Republican. I can hear your corkscrewing yourselves so far to the right that I almost can hear the Heimat giving you its marching orders.
    Do you really think you do the Republican Party of McHenry County any favors by this slanderous and general claptrap about these honorable and dedicated people like, Al Jourdan, Geri Davis, Tina Hill and and Mark Daniels.
    Also, the dinner at Port Ed is to give a small scholarship support for education of young women, but this may be something you also are against or were you there to see how many the stealing the reservations out of the US Post Office box would affect this event.
    As a family friendly community we should be glad to see educated people like Paula Yensen and Nick Chirikos showing up for this well while cause.

  6. Flat Earth, Geri Davis, Mark Daniels, Al Jourdan, Mike Tryon, Barb Wheeler, Pam Althoff, the Millers of Algonquin, Mary McCann, Randy Donley, Barb Klasen and others who run as Republicans but openly support non-Republicans need to read what Ben Shapiro wrote: .

    “Democrats are truly the party of over-the-top demonization of their opposition.”

    IMHO elected Republican committeemen who openly support non-Republican candidates should do the moral thing and resign from office.

    Geri Davis owes all Republicans an apology and should publicly withdraw from her office of committeeman.

  7. I’d wager all those named biped rats supported Herr Franks’ Homosexual ‘Marriage’ scheme …..

    just ask ’em, Flatty-Fatty!

  8. I can’t help but notice Paula Yensen’s billboard and signs are an exact copy of the Obama/Biden bumper stickers I occasionally see on those that have not yet realized the complete and utter destruction they have wrought upon our once great nation.

  9. These Nowak and Chirikos and Nowak putting there signs in front of Gasser and Prim to try an block them.

    This is a very obvious sign of people who CANNOT BE TRUSTED.


  10. Yensen is a leader in championing the spending of tax dollars on projects which benefit a narrow group of interested parties.

    Randall Road $100,000,000 project (spending $100,000,000 or more of taxpayer funds on an at-best marginally beneficial road project) would not have happened without Yensen’s leadership.

    Also responsible: Chirikos.

    His factually inaccurate statement that no property tax money would be used on this project should be remembered when taxpayers vote.

    Also responsible: Sandra Salgado. Her absence for a crucial transportation committee vote enabled this obscene waste of taxpayer money to move forward.

    Shame on the politician who deliberately withholds her vote, to the detriment of taxpayers, for her own political benefit.

  11. Vote Gasser!

    Davis and her crew are despicable, they will stoop to very low ground to keep their fiefdom going.

    Do you ever stop to think what they have at stake and why they are acting so desperate to keep it?

    Vote Gasser!

  12. Paula Yensen is an execellent Democract choice for the McHenry County Board.

    In contast to her Republican opponent, Paula has real credentials.

    She understands how to cost effectively run our county government.

    Against all tax increases, against pay raises for politicians, and for effective government.

    Case in point with Tina Hill.

    Paula Yensen understands the need and is first in line to support Tina Hill, along with the thousands of McHenry County residents with the same problem, its NOT Republican or Democratic.

    Its a human problem, we all human.

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