Tina Hill DUI Arrest Gets Metro Coverage

You’d expect the Northwest Herald to cover the Woodstock driving under the influence arrest of McHenry County Board Chairwoman Tina Hill at 1:40 AM Friday morning, but, apparently, McHenry County politicians are big news.

McHenry County GOP Chairman Sandy Salgado spoke at Tina Hill's fundraiser.

McHenry County GOP Chairman Sandy Salgado spoke at Tina Hill’s fundraiser.

At least Fox TV carried the story, as did the Chicago Tribune.

“I am disappointed I had a lapse in judgment,” Hill told McHenry County Blog.

“I recognize I have a problem and I’m seeking help.”

Hill will spent a month in Rockford’s Rosecrance Health Network Alcohol and Drug treatment Center.

In her absence, Vice Chairman Jim Heisler (R-Crystal Lake) will take the helm.

A week ago Huntley County Board member Mike Skala was seeking votes to depose Hill, who, according to State Statute, has a two-year term that lasts until the first week in December.


Tina Hill DUI Arrest Gets Metro Coverage — 17 Comments

  1. Just glad despite all the excuse makers and enablers she didn’t kill anyone out there on the road.

    Quite a clique making a move in the county right now…

    Drunk driver, beater of girls, and a bit of armed robbery.

    The bunch of hypocrites making excuses and enabling this crowd should feel very proud.

  2. I am not surprise by these KGB tactics, and you are correct Mr. Harrison, the harder they push, the stronger we become united to defend our Constitutional Rights.

    Well Tina, what did you expect when you sold yourself out in attempt to keep your position as McHenry County Board Chairwoman.

    Let’s see how far your new friends stand behind you now, as your old friends laugh at you.

    Bottoms up, Tina.

  3. Sure, because people who commit some of the allegations of “Eric C.” are private citizens who do far worse things than milk the county out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in apparently excessive legal fees (see prior McHenry County Blog stories referencing Chicago Tribune stories).

    They also don’t threaten to give martial arts lessons to posters exercising their right to free speech, as some candidates do.

    They also went through the legal process, something a lawyer should know that they did.

    Pot, your kettle is calling.

    The article is about Hill’s alleged crime.

    If guilty she should immediately resign or otherwise be sent packing out of office.

  4. Is this the same Tina Hill that supported Andrew Zinke in his failed attempt to become the McHenry County Sheriff?

  5. Whatever you think of her politics, this is no time to take pleasure in Tina Hill’s current situation.

    Tina, may your time at Rosecrance be beneficial.

  6. Re: “Steve Willson on 10/10/2014 at 11:16 pm said:

    Whatever you think of her politics, this is no time to take pleasure in Tina Hill’s current situation.

    Tina, may your time at Rosecrance be beneficial.”


  7. Eric you comment of ” Bottoms Up” is truly uncalled for.

    It just shows what type of person you are. A real low life.

    I think Tina realized she may have a problem and is addressing the issue which is the right thing to do.

    Eric, are you going to say that you never drove with a little too much alcohol in your system?

    I am sure Tina will get the help she will need and return with a brighter out look.

  8. It is rumored that Tina’s ‘problem’ has been known for some time.

    There are others in the political arena who appear to have a ‘problem’.

    Let us hope they have the appropriate response to Tina’s predicament.

    Apparently there was no attempt to have the same response to her plight as was given to David Miller in 2010: http://mchenrycountyblog.com/2010/11/19/mike-chmiel/

  9. Get real people, don’t WE ALL have a past and don’t WE ALL have problems?

    What is sad is that when a political person is in office others jump at a chance to use it against them for their own political benefit.

    The people who do this are showing they have no character or sensitivity or integrity towards others.

    Lets all support Tina and lets get her back to work.

  10. Drunken pill poppers don’t need to be running the county board.


    I don’t care who you are – resign!

    The first sentence of butseriouslynow is paramount!

  11. Cindy, like usual, you have no compassion for anyone and don’t care about anyone.

    I don’t even think you think much of yourself.

    You are pathetic.

  12. Magellan, yes the same Tina Hill who now supports and seemingly is supported by Bill Prim (one would imagine attending someones most recent fundraiser and embracing them denotes support).

    Not sure your point is relevant to the current alliances or election stories…you have to stop living in the past.

    I suppose you are one of those blame Bush types.

  13. I don’t wanna be insensitive but it looks like she’s feeling no pain in the pic above.

  14. I’m no practitioner of “Schadenfreude” …… and Tiny Tina is innocent until proven guilty.

    Even McHenry County pseudo-royalty deserve a fair trial …. but I think this will be pled out to something less than a DUI ….something like ‘recklessness’ or ‘causing an accident.” ….watch.

    –But having said that these ‘problems’ were well known and go back to her time as State Sen. Anne Hughes’ office mgr.

    …..and I’m not sure it’s ‘just’ an alcohol situation ………. will a month at a local Betty Ford type clinic ‘take care’ of everything?

  15. Best of luck Tina……….

    I hope you find AA after treatment

    I am one of the lucky ones finding AA 31 years ago……….straight ever since……….

    I found a way of life I never knew existed…

    You can also

    Look me up when you get out….

    I am easy to find

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