AG Candidate Paul Schimpf Promises Official Corruption Fight

A press release from Paul Schimpf, the Republican candidate for Attorney General:


3rd Reason to Trust a Retired Marine in 2014

Paul Schimpf

Paul Schimpf

SPRINGFIELD, IL – Republican Attorney General candidate Paul Schimpf unveiled Reason #3 of the 14 Reasons to Trust a Retired Marine in 2014 in a press conference in Springfield today.

Reason #3 is that Paul Schimpf will empower Illinois citizens to fight corruption.

During his military career, Paul Schimpf repeatedly demonstrated the ability to identify problems and forge solutions.

Most notably, in 2005 he called for a change in the Military Rules of Evidence to create a victim-victim advocate evidentiary privilege. Paul’s idea was published in the Military Law Review and this privilege was ultimately established in 2012.

Similarly, today Paul recognizes that government corruption in Illinois is pervasive and systemic.

The political class in Illinois has demonstrated that it is utterly incapable of policing itself.

One of the ways that Paul will solve this problem is to empower the citizens of Illinois to fight corruption.

Legislative code already gives the people of Illinois the power to fight corruption through qui tam citizen lawsuits.

As Illinois Attorney General, Paul will vigorously support the rights of Illinois citizens to hold their elected officials accountable through these measures.

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Schimpf is running against incumbent Attorney General Lisa Madigan.


AG Candidate Paul Schimpf Promises Official Corruption Fight — 5 Comments

  1. I asked for 2 4×4 signs for 2 locations on highways and was told it will cost me $14 a sign.

    I said WHAT?

    I have not and will not pay to put up a sign for any one!

    The 2 dozen signs at GOP headquarters will still be there after the election, Then they can pay some one to recycle them.

    I don’t know any one that will buy his signs.

    And they didn’t have any smaller yard signs.

    This is a dumb idea, I hope its the only one he has!

  2. I understand that the Schimpf did not buy the signs.

    A private individual did.

    $14 is what they cost, she told me.

  3. I’m so teed the NW Herald endorsed the Madigan instead.

    I just don’t see how it makes sense to have her as AG with her father as Speaker. Perception (and truth) is that Illinois is corrupt.

    How are we ever going to get a fair shake with that kind of nepotism?

    Sure she’ll go after insurance companies and corporations but what about government insiders?

    I think Paul’s record speaks for itself. . . I’ll be voting for him.

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