Illinois Ebola Testing Update

Currently any samples to be tested for ebola would be sent to the Centers of Disease Control.

None have been sent yet.

“To my knowledge, we have not sent any specimens to the CDC,” Illinois Public Health Department Public Information Officer Melody Arnold told McHenry County Blog.

The Illinois Department of Public Health is going to do regional testing soon, however.

Arnold said that testing supplies will arrive this week and it will take about two weeks to validate and train staff.

There are currently three IDPH labs. They are in Chicago, Springfield and Carbondale.

Arnold would not identify the location that will be used for ebola testing, but logic says it will be the one in Chicago.

It will be oven on weekends.

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Meanwhile an article about a false alarm at Advocate Sherman Hospital published on The First Electric Newspaper can be found here.


Illinois Ebola Testing Update — 4 Comments

  1. With the flu season right around the corner this is going to be a real mess.

    Ebola is real and I think the government should keep the people coming to the U.S. from the Ebola area in isolation for a month and at their cost.

  2. Only problem is that THIS Ebola is NOT real.

    Do not take any “vaccine”.

    This is a terrible hoax from start to finish. (Think bird flu and monkey flu.)

    They want you panicky.

  3. In addition to the quarantine of anyone arriving in the U.S. from West Africa, start enforcing our immigration laws!

    The idiocy displayed in D.C. increases day by day.

    The flood of illegal alien children who were allowed into our country this year is unconscionable.

    They are forcibly admitted into our schools without immunization records.

    Here is a recent story which was featured on Ch 7 Chicago yesterday as the perpetrators were being housed by Heartland Alliance in Des Plaines:

    and here

    “Iowa officers initiated a short pursuit this afternoon, deploying stop sticks on Interstate 80 near Iowa City, arresting the teens. They say no one was hurt.

    “I mean the 91-year-old veteran was a little shook up but actually he did everything right when he gave them the car,” Moline Detective Scott Williams said. “He didn’t try to fight ‘em.’ Police say the surveillance video at Walmart helped them identify the suspects, aged 16 and 17. Now they are awaiting charges from Moline and Des Plaines.”

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