Interested in Running for Office?

No big sign on the front, but posters and a flag are in the windows.Tonight at 7 at McHenry County Republican Headquarters in the Crystal Lake Plaza (next to Irish Imports down from Joseph’s Market) the three largest township GOP organizations will hold a meeting for those interested in running for office.

Potential candidates are invited to learn some of the basics.

Registration is required as seating is limited and can be completed online at

More details here.


Interested in Running for Office? — 3 Comments

  1. Not for republicans.

    They had this county one party for so long and all that happens is property taxes keep being raised, there are few good paying jobs unless you are a teacher, firefighter, policeman or work for the government.

  2. Most of our tax dollars go to governments, mainly schools, whose board members do not have a “D” or “R” on the ballot next to their names.

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