Two Sheriff’s Deputies Shot in Holiday Hills

A message from the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department:

Active Police Incident going on in Holidays Hills, 2 deputies shot while responding to Domestic Incident

Today, Oct 16 at about 1:30 AM Sheriff’s deputies responded to the 1300 block of N East Shore Drive in Holiday Hills.

Holiday Hills shooting location.

Holiday Hills shooting location.  Holiday Hills is east of Island Lake.

While responding to check the well being of the residents, two responding Deputies were shot.

Both deputies were transported for medical attention.

A 7 year veteran, male deputy was transported to Advocate Condell. He is in critical, but stable condition undergoing surgery at this time.

A 12 year veteran, female deputy was transported to Centergra McHenry and is in stable condition.

Two occupants of the residence were able to safely get out of the residence.

The Sheriff’s Office is working with affected area residents on evacaution and making sure they are safe. We are receiving assistance during this ongoing investgiation from local police departments and the Illinois State Police.


Two Sheriff’s Deputies Shot in Holiday Hills — 10 Comments

  1. We pray that both of these officers will recover quickly.

    Also thanks Prim for putting this on your facebook page so quickly with photos of this man.

    This may help people to give information to authorities.

  2. I did see that Prim acted in response to this shooting by posting the picture of the suspect on his facebook.

    Thank you Mr. Prim for being concerned about the citizens of McHenry County.

    Prim knows what to do.

    and what does HARRISON do on his facebook: WHINE about someone cutting a campaign sign of his.

  3. Really? you take this tragic incident and use it as propaganda for Prim and his campaign?

    Have you no shame.

    Two deputies have been shot, a family thrown into chaos and neighborhood in shambles and you use this to propel your candidate?

    Have you no shame?

  4. The man has been caught and thank you to all the agencies who were involved in that capture.

    Really?, you better believe I take this incident and utilize it’s importance.

    People don’t realize how important this Sheriff’s race is.

    If I were a resident of the area I sure would want a man who has the experience and knows how to deploy the department units and not a lawyer who knows nothing about the department or what to do.

    Harrison was most likely running around for tape to repair a sign that was cut and whining about it on his facebook instead of notifying the community like Prim did on his face book .

    Prim has shown his concern for the injured deputies and the public.A man who knows by experience what to do is what I want.

    What if this would have happened today with Harrison in?

    What if this would have happened today with Prim as a leader?

    My vote is for Prim

  5. And I’m sure you’re one of those who blasted Harrison for getting signatures during the Memorial Day parade!

    This is not about politics.

    This is about a tragedy where two Deputies were shot and a dangerous offender was on the lose.

    Politicizing this incident is wrong.

    FYI, I’m sure the end result would have been the same, regardless of who is Sheriff.

    I highly doubt Nygren, Prim or Harrison would have been the ones apprehending Peters, it’s the rank and file that ‘Do Work’ and thank God for them, their safety and those two injured Deputies.

    Go campaign elsewhere!

  6. FYI it is not about politics, it’s about choosing the right man to lead the department.

    Not a man,Harrison who has had NO police experience in 25 years.

    You are showing your ignorance about what it takes to protect the community.

    Prim would have been there with a radio and Harrison would have been there with a yellow legal pad.

    You know NOTHING about police work and it shows.

  7. I agree 100% with McHenry Voter on this one.

    This is a serious race for Sheriff and people should realize this.

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