NWH Endorses Chirikos, Gasser, Gottemoller & Kopsell

The Northwest Herald started rolling out its endorsements Friday.

These are the members of the Northwest Herald's Editorial Board.

These are the members of the Northwest Herald’s Editorial Board.

For District 1 on the McHenry County Board, the paper endorsed the incumbent Democrat and the non-incumbent Republican:

  • Nick Chirikos (D-Algonquin)
  • Andrew Gasser (R-Fox River Grove)

Odd man out was incumbent Republican Robert Nowak.

In District Two former Democratic Party Board member Cathy Bergan Schmidt was not endorsed.

Instead the NWH endorsed both Republicans:

  • Joe Gottemoller (R-Crystal Lake)
  • Don Kopsell (R-Crystal Lake)

The paper circulates to something under one-third of McHenry County homes.

To the voters who are not subscribers, about the only way to find out about the endorsements is through a piece of direct mail sent by an endorsed candidate.


NWH Endorses Chirikos, Gasser, Gottemoller & Kopsell — 2 Comments

  1. Who really cares what the NWH says or who it endorses ……

    Do these candidates really covet such an ‘endorsement’ ………

    it’s a death-kiss!

  2. Not necessarily a ‘death-kiss’ based on past endorsements but it sure is meaningless!!

    When you see a paper endorse a guy like Chirikos, you know they do not care much about the veracity displayed by a candidate.

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