NWH Endorses Prim for Sheriff

Bill Prim

Bill Prim

You could knock me over with a feather.


  • running two front page guilt by association articles about Republican McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Bill Prim, and
  • featuring Independent opponent Jim Harrison’s photo, complete with banner and yard signs, above Prim’s in its candidate profile,

the Northwest Herald has endorses Prim to replace Keith Nygren for Sheriff.

NWH Prim v Harrison paper version 9-28-14

The layout of this front page led me to believe the Northwest Herald would endorse Jim Harrison.

Maybe it was because McHenry County’s paper of record was on the losing side in the primary election, when it backed Nygren’s chosen successor, Undersheriff Andy Zinke, for the Republican nomination.

Maybe the powers that be at the NWH saw the political tides shifting and decided to go with the flow, as what some old timers are calling “the New Regime” took control of the Republican Party Central Committee.

Maybe they respected Prim’s not challenging Harrison’s petition signatures.

Maybe they respected Prim’s unwavering positive message.

Maybe last week’s Holiday Hills shooting of two Sheriff’s Deputies brought them to the conclusion that when the choice for the next Sheriff is between a lawyer and a lawman,  a lawman would be the better choice.

Prim lit card back original

Bill Prim’s campaign message has been the same since he announced his candidacy.

In any event, my reading of the NWH tea leaves was incorrect.

In its editorial (read it here), the paper wrote

Prim, a recently retired commander with the Des Plaines Police Department, has a long history in law enforcement.

His campaign message is taxpayer friendly.

He says he wants to maintain and even improve the professionalism of the county’s largest law enforcement agency. Prim has the background to fill that role.


NWH Endorses Prim for Sheriff — 24 Comments

  1. Well the northworst hearld got this one right.

    Prim is not only the best but the only person that should be Sheriff,

    If some breaks the law I want a cop not a so called half ass lawyer to be there for me.

  2. Hallelujah !

    Guess I’ll keep my NWH subscription…..

    Vote Prim!

  3. What a surprise…………….maybe I’ ll take back all those nasty comments I’ve been making about the NWH…maybe being the key word

    Bill Prim is not only the oblivious candidate for the office he is the only qualified candidate…………..and that is obivious

  4. NWH You made the right choice.

    Maybe it is time for the NWH to change and this time they are looking at the qualifications of the candidates.

    Maybe the people of the NWH have been reading this blog?

    Whatever the reason they know that Prim is the candidate to choose.

    Read Prim’s Facebook page:

    When things go sideways who do you want to………….read the rest on his facebook.

    Harrison may want to reconsider putting his attorney license on the “inactive status”

    Vote Prim for a new future in the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department !!!

    It’s going to be a whole new McHenry County all around, but that can ONLY HAPPEN with the people’s vote in the right direction.

  5. WOW, after all of these years of criticism about the Northwest Herald and now you clowns are praising them.

    How easy it to persuade the minds of the weak

    I wouldn’t doubt it if the Northwest Herald meant to endorse Mr. Harrison, and like always, got their story wrong.

    We will just have to wait and see if there is a retraction.

  6. Eric the NWH has finally looked at the qualifications of the candidates and realizes Prim is the best choice and the choice of the people.

    You sure can tell that you are a little miffed at the results of the NWH.

    Now don’t have a hissey fit over the paper making the right choice.u

    Eric maybe you can help raise that bar off of Harrison’s feet. l.o.l.

    Vote Prim ,for the people, for our future

  7. To all the Harrison supporters:


  8. Lets just say that we are watching the NWH. but it is good that they see the person who is the only excellent choice for Sheriff and that is Prim.

    When 2 officers were shot MAYBE it would have been common sense to show concern for the officers like Prim did, or to show concern for the community,like Prim did when he posted the picture of the suspect on his Facebook to warn the people.

    What did Harrison do?

    NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING and he says he is all about the community.

    POO BA

  9. Harrison probably wasn’t too happy about this.

    Right about now he probably is doing the ” Harrison Huddle”

  10. While knocking on doors tonight I had a Republican tell me that they thought Harrison was the Republican.

    After having her retrieve her iPad I had her google it.

    It is really sad when you have ELECTED Republicans spreading mis-information about Bill Prim.

    In fact, its a shame.

    However, we all know that the party is changing and the old way of doing things isn’t quite as effective as it used to be.

    Bill Prim is the Republican candidate for Sheriff of McHenry County.

    I will be blunt – do not fall for the lies coming from some disgruntled people.

    Bill Prim is an honorable man and will make an excellent sheriff.

    Be Blessed,
    Andrew Gasser

  11. What I find really sad is men and women running for an office and they will run on whatever party they think they will win on. You find out later their true colors.

    I don’t know how to get around that but we need TRUE Republicans to turn things around.

    Vote Prim.a TRUE Republican

  12. the northworst herald doesn’t always get it right.

    But the did with PRIM!!

    This election the Republicans have got it together, a new generation new faces.

    This is what they have needed for many years.

    And good candidates up and down the ballet.

    With new ideas.

    We need changes in this state the old Chicago way of doing things doesn’t work.

    Time to move ahead for the present and future, lets learn from the mistakes of the past.

    VOTE Republican!!!

  13. Ride on Mark!!!!!! This is an exciting time for Republicans .

    Prim is the choice for leading the Sheriff’s department with dedication to the community.

    A positive outlook with a desire for positive change.

    If you run your campaign on negativity, as Harrison does, how can he be a positive influence to the department and to the people.

    Vote Republican and change the future of our Community and State.

  14. Thank you Northwest Herald for getting it right on Mr. Prim, Mr. Gasser and myself.

    As a new-comer to McHenry County politics I have heard various things about your publication but in this instance you got it right.

    Now we only have to work on is getting you to see that MR. FRANKS (A Democrat) is not the right choice for McHenry County.

    He is behind SB 16 through his support of Mr. Madigan (Democratic Speaker of the House and defacto Governor) whether he says so or not and will be working to take food and $$$ from McHenry County children and giving it to Crook County!

  15. lets see if the NWH endorses Mr.Franks?

    He is the wrong choice for McHenry County.

  16. The Northwest Herald endorsed Jack Franks, Barb Wheeler and David McSweeney for State Representative.

  17. Stand with Bill Prim for our next McHenry County Sheriff.

    NWH realized Prim was the only choice, the perfect choice

    Prim is for the people and is not self-serving

    A dedicated lawman with years of past and CURRENT abilities

    A candidate we can be proud of leading the department with honor and having complete transparency to be citizens

  18. Daley Herald endorsed Harrison but failed to see the facts. Their reasoning was:

    The Sheriff sets policy: True BUT you need the experience and knowledge to set policy within a police setting.

    Harrison has no current knowledge of that considering he was only a Sheriff’s employee for 7 1/2 yrs, 25 yrs ago.

    Law enforcement has changed in all those years.

    Prim has current knowledge and hands on experience to set policy

    A Sheriff has to deal with multimillion-dollar budgets.

    Does the Sheriff’s department have a MULIMILLION_DOLLAR BUDGET on utilize? news to me.

    Deals with labor issues. Harrison has represented clients in labor issues

    BUT Prim has dealt with labor issues in the past.

    Harrison can not act as an attorney for the Sheriff’s department.

    He is forgetting this.

    The Daley Herald says that Harrison has operated a private practice law office.

    So?……… what does that mean?……..

    He over-saw three other people and managed them?


    I think if the Daley Herald KNEW what it takes to run a Sheriff’s department they would have not endorsed Harrison.

    Maybe they should reconsider and change their choice.

  19. Maybe the NW Herald ran a FOIA on Harrison……

    plenty in his background that’s questionable that hasn’t been disclosed yet!

  20. I wouldn’t even waste my time with an FOIA on Harrison.

    He is doing enough damage to his little ole self all BY HIMSELF.

    Harrison is not qualified, plain and simple.

    What really sticks in my mind is that Harrison NEVER even acknowledged any concern over the two officers shot.

    I have been talking to others and they think Harrison’s behavior during this terrible happening shows just how he is NOT concerned about the community or the officers.

    Vote Prim !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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