22-Year Old Man Dies in Bull Valley Car Crash — 5 Comments

  1. A passing motorist noticed the debris!!!!!!

    What about the “Trained Observer” AKA the police….

    Way to go BV, so much for “protect and serve”…..

    In your defense maybe those tinted windows in the squad limited your visibility. ..

    I’m sure the PD will have a good excuse for not seeing a vehicle 20 feet off the road

  2. Give it a rest.

    A young man is dead.

    Even his own mother posted in the NW Herald that she drove my the scene and had no clue his car was down there.

    She saw no evidence of a crash or the car.

  3. I am his mother and yes I drove by at 12:10 the day he was found and did not see any evidence from the road.

    It was 2 people walking on the road that noticed debris.

    It was no ones fault he was there for 2 days. the trees and brush closed up behind him.

    I am just greatful he was found and I was able to give him a proper burial.

  4. There have been several fatal accidents in Bull Valley over the years.

    Many, of those are young people who don’t understand how dangerous those roads are……

    Sorry for your loss Tracy….

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