County Jailed Illegals from Liberia & Sierra Leone in August, Jail Ready for Airborne Diseases

When I read the Chicago Tribune story about an immigrant taken from O’Hare Airport to the Kenosha County Jail and placed in a negative airflow cell, I wondered if McHenry County had a similar capacity.

While the CDC states that ebola is spread just like HIV, that is, it not spread though the air but through bodily fluids, mixed messages are filtering out about whether if one were sneezed on by someone with the disease it would be communicable.

And the infection of the two nurses in Texas, who were wearing protective clothing still has not been explained.

Information I received late last week as a result of a Freedom of Information request indicates that the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department is ready to handle airborne diseases.

McH Co Jail airborne disease protocal top page

Standard operating procedures have been written for airborne disease control at the McHenry County Jail.

At least on paper.

There are three “medical isolation cells” in the jail.

There have been recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainees from countries where ebola is endemic.

Three from Liberia were admitted who came in late August.

One on August 20th, another on August 25th and a third on August 29th.

In addition, one was incarcerated from Sierra Leone on August 5th.

Obviously they not were infected with ebola or you would have heard about it on the national news.


County Jailed Illegals from Liberia & Sierra Leone in August, Jail Ready for Airborne Diseases — 2 Comments

  1. The ebola crisis is a good opportunity to examine how taxpayer money is routed toward the narrow benefit of a few unidentified insiders, without proper IRS scrutiny.

    There are DUMBs funded by our tax dollars, to which we taxpayers have no access; my presumption is that we will be peremptorily shot dead if trying to gain access in emergency conditions.

    The rationale is presumably that perpetuation of the human race justifies extraordinary measures for extending the lives of some Americans while all the other Americans are left to fend for themselves or die.

    Here are my two objections to this protocol:

    1. Those few Americans chosen to be included in the narrow protected class ( at broad taxpayer expense) are by virtue of their agreement the most predatory, narcissistic, and sociopathic examples of the human race. If the human race is to be preserved, it will be a race of individuals who value their own comfort above he very existance of all others of their species.

    2. It may be that perquisites of a government job are not to be considered taxable income, but I would like to know if IRS has scrutinized whether those chefs, massage therapists, comfort workers, maintenance engineers and other non- government employees who are on ‘the list’ for DUMB access have been properly paying taxes each year for the soft dollar benefit of this perquisite . Equivalent value can easily be formulated by looking at the after tax cost all other Americans have to pay for emergency- equipped bunker access.

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