Franks Asks Metra for Schaffer Pension

Remember that billboard that Jack Schaffer’s Liberty Outdoor put up in early September?

Just in case you don’t, you can see it below.

The Steve Reick sign next to WashWorks next to Thorton's on Route 14 in Cary.

This Steve Reick sign was on Route 14 next to WashWorks next to Thorton’s  in Cary.

Shortly after the message of “No Franks, No Madigan Vote for State Rep. Steve Reick,” went up, Metra got a phone call with what Metra characterized as a Freedom of Information request.  Read it below:

Apparently Jack Franks was not required to file his Freedom of Information request in writing like us mere humans.  This email says it came by phone.

Apparently Jack Franks was not required to file his Freedom of Information request in writing like us mere humans. This email says it came by phone.  If it came in writing, Metra would have provided a copy pursuant to my FOIA request.  While Franks’ question was answered the day it was submitted, it took Metra two weeks to provide what you read here.

And, what was the answer provided Franks?

Per our phone conversation and the authorization of the FOIA below from Lynne Corrao, Jack R. Schaffer is receiving a retirement benefit from the Regional Transportation Authority Pension Plan in the amount of $139.90 per month.

So what started this tiff?

You may remember after Phil Pagano killed himself in 2010, Jack Franks suddenly became interested in Metra.

Actually, that interest did not manifest itself until after Liberty Outdoor posted the message you see below on the billboard closest to Jack Franks’ Route 47 office in Woodstock.

The 2010 billboard that caught Jack Franks' attention.

The 2010 billboard that caught Jack Franks’ attention.

After that, Franks started speechifying about how Metra needed reforming and how Jack Schaffer should resign from his Metra Board post.

Schaffer refused to resign, deciding instead to serve out his term, which ended this year.


Franks Asks Metra for Schaffer Pension — 7 Comments

  1. Three pensions for one guy?!

    That oughta make the most liberal citizen blush at government waste.

    Sad to see ‘Republicans’ defending a guy who was ‘Treasurer’ when money was embezzled.

  2. Cal, Cal:

    Remember it was Fat Jack, stooging for Road Rage Ladd, with Mike Brown, their comical sidekick (who led the acappella singing at you wedding several months before), who back shot you in the primary which led to your current career in journalism.

  3. Observer:

    Pig Pagano was one of the corrupt goode olde boys, George Ryan as their king, who was a funnel for all sorts of goodies courtesy of the taxpayers.

    His wife is one of the finest people in Crystal Lake, and she did not deserve what he, Pig Pagano, did, and the Goode Olde Boys who covered up his pathetic shenanigans.

  4. Let’s take a look at Jack Schaffer’s career.

    He served in the United States military and was deployed overseas as a tank operator.

    He graduated from NIU and came back home to a modest living and had 3 children with his wife.

    He served as County Auditor in his twenties after winning a far fetched election no one thought he could win.

    Then went on to serve as State Senator representing various parts of Kane, Mchenry, and Dupage counties.

    He has been a philanthropist for 50 years, giving his time, money and resources to those in the community in need.

    Given the shirt off his back to Mchenry County.

    All while making a living in the private sector by running two successful business he started from scratch.

    This is a man who was born and raised here and who has represented nearly every part of our community.

    Jack wasn’t a politician, he was a statesman.

    There’s absolutely no comparison between Jack Franks and Jack schaffer.

    Franks is a player and Schaffer is a gentleman.

  5. I don’t care if you are a (R), (D), or whatever; how is receiving 3 pensions from the same employer (TAXPAYERS) legal?

  6. Mr. Galt:

    How are things at the bottom of the tank?

    Schaeffer’s sucessful business Outdoor Advertising, was predicated on stooging for the open pits around the county.

    Look where his signs are, on their land.

    As a result, he was in their pocket to make sure they paid no serverence taxes and the lowest possible real estate taxes back to the community.

    This is why we have to pay for the roads destroyed by overloaded gravel trucks all over the county.

    He ran his businesses out of the same first floor office in which he had has taxpayer funded district office, and collected rent from the Republicans at the same time.

    There were no doors to separate any of the enterprises from out taxpayer funded distrct office. Some statesman.

    He dumped his McHenry County Family to take up with a Springfield Railbird (monkeygirl?).

    Statesman Jack was so useless that when he ran for congress in a district he drew, he lost every part of the district including the parts in which he had been the senator for except two McHenry County Townships, to a guy who had never been elected to anything before, and told me was insolvent on election day.

  7. It’s very difficult for me to figure out who’s worse Jacko Franks or ‘Boss Hog’ Schaffer ……

    they both reek to high heaven …….

    but I’d say Franks is worse ’cause he’s such a flat out sanctimonious hypocrite ….

    and PersonalPAC posterboy.

    I shamed a neighbor into removing Franks’ unasked for (Franks stooges just put it up) yard sign …..

    I asked him why he was supported homosexual marriage backer Franks.

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