Dialing for Democrats

Periodically Democratic Party congressional candidate Dennis Anderson sends out emails.

The latest one identifies the strategy that Democrats are using statewide–turn out the Democrats.

You can read the details below:

Dialing for Dennis Campaign

Anderson, Dennis facing left eyes right

Dennis Anderson

The campaigns of Governor Quinn, Senator Durbin, and Dennis Anderson for Congress have teamed up to share walk and call lists.

Dozens of people have been out talking with people or on the phones for weeks now on behalf of these campaigns, but everyone’s help is welcomed these last two weeks before the election.

Calling self-identified Democrats and reminding them to vote works.

President Obama successfully used a strategy of targeting certain Democratic voters in both the 2008 and 2012 elections, so we know this strategy works.

Sometimes people need a reminder what the stakes are to get them to the polls and a phone call or a knock on the door from a friendly face can be the reminder they need.

To phone bank, you can call from home, make calls from one of many call centers, or host your own call party. You can also contact your county Democratic Party to find out about other opportunities that may be close to home. To volunteer to canvass you can go to the website listed below.

You will be given a script and, again, you will only be calling folks who already share your values.

You will just be urging them to get to the polls and vote!

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The Republican Party has a similar strategy centered at McHenry County Republican Headquarters in the Crystal Lake Plaza next to Irish Imports.

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