Second Message from Fire Chiefs Supports New Zoning Ordinance

The following letter was sent to the McHenry County Board:
SG FPD letterheadOctober 21, 2014

TO: James Heisler
Peter Austin

FROM: Chief Rich Tobiasz


The McHenry County Fire Chief’s Association created a committee to review issues and questions, posed to us, related to the UDO. We met today at Crystal Lake with Matt Hansel and Darrell Moore from P&D.

Three County Board members also attended: Carolyn Schofield, Diane Evertsen and John

We discussed those issues that had been brought to our attention, including side setback, encroachment of the setback, pyrotechnics and Agritourism.

Matt and Darrell explained the ordinance as written.

They discussed how the building codes have an effect on any structure placed on the lots listed in the UDO.

The pyrotechnics section is taken directly from the State Law; we are comfortable with those rules.

We previously had representation on the Agritourism subcommittee and had further input this past spring.

We appreciate Matt and Darrell’s attendance and clarification of the ordinance.

We also appreciate how the UDO includes the Fire Districts and Fire Chiefs in various sections, as you look for input regarding development.

Our thanks to those board members who attended and to you for undertaking such a project.

At this time, the Fire Chief’s committee has no further comments with regards the UDO and support your approval.

Thanks again,

Richard Tobiasz

CC: Chief Gallas, President

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