Cook County Vote Switching Machine Leads to State Board of Elections Complaint

A press release from Defend the Vote:

Defend The Vote Files HAVA Complaint against the Voting Machines in Chicago and Cook County

Published on Thursday, 23 October 2014 05:14 | Written by Editor Sharon Meroni

Blue Ribbon from the Crook County Fair.

It appears that Cook County Clerk David Orr is bucking for a Blue Ribbon at the Crook County Fair.

Defend the Vote – via Sharon Meroni- filled a HAVA complaint against the Dominion/Sequoia electronic voting machines currently under fire in Suburban Cook County (Illinois) for switching votes from the Democrats to the Republicans.

We filed two complaints on August 22nd, 2014.

These machines (Edge Plus 2 and the 500c) are also in Nevada and were reputed to do the same thing in the last Harry Reid 2010 re-election bid; switching votes from Sharron Angle to Reid.

This complaint was before the Illinois State Board of Elections earlier this week, on Tuesday October 21st. The next step is we go into a process referred to as “alternative dispute resolution”. Within a couple of weeks, the complaint will move forward.

To understand how HAVA complaints are processed in Illinois, you can read about the process on the JCAR website.

This is meant to be a very brief update to link the public to our filings.

The next step in the process is an independent organization must be selected to review Meroni’s complaint. Two were filed. Both Meroni and the ISBE will select this arbitrator.

HAVA Complaint 1 – To Remove the 90 Day Restrictive Clause

HAVA Complaint – Dominion EdgePlus2 DID NOT Pass 2002 Voting System Standards

The complaint from August alleges with documentation that the Dominion/Sequoia EdgePlus2 and the 500c machines in use in Chicago and Suburban Cook County NEVER passed federal error-rate accuracy tests and that the manufacturer (Dominion) pulled the machines from production and from testing when it repeatedly failed the error testing mandated standards.

We wrote about this earlier in the year. A listing of related articles can be found in this search of our website.

We are a small group and deeply involved with fighting thes


Cook County Vote Switching Machine Leads to State Board of Elections Complaint — 1 Comment

  1. Rhetorical question: Why are the political parties not pursuing honest, secure elections?

    Why do citizens count on grassroots organizations to fight for honest, open elections?

    There is a lot of ‘noise’ about voter id.

    Voter ID is not the problem – the problem is voter registration.

    Anyone registering to vote just needs to state they are citizen, Registrars are NOT permitted to ask for proof of citizenship.

    County Clerks have to jump through ridiculous hoops to remove people from the voter rolls thanks to the federal government.

    Call your political party and ask why THEY are not working to restore election integrity.

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