Right to Carry President Offers Election Observations

A message from Mickey Schuch, President, McHenry County Right To Carry Association:

Who else is tired of yard signs and political phone calls? I know I am.

We are less than 2 weeks away from a monumental change to our local, state and federal governments.

Changing up our Governor’s office will be a huge upset to the Whitehouse and just as important it will be a huge success for those that respect our constitution here in Illinois.

Have you gone out to vote yet? The NRA has issued their ratings on candidates. Here is the link. https://www.nrapvf.org/grades/Illinois/

Some folks have told me Bruce Rauner has been non committal on gun control questions.

Here is what I know, Quinn wants all guns gone as do his supporters and donors, enough said.

Quinn, Madigan and their whole crew are very much in favor of repealing our concealed carry law and as you read this they are feverishly pushing for new “assault weapons” bans. GO VOTE!

We are estimating that some of these races will be so close they will go down in the history books. In order to prevail, every single vote counts. GO VOTE!

Lets talk locally. We have a sheriff race here in McHenry County that has been much publicized these past couple of years.

I personally met all three candidates months prior to the primary election. I asked all of them how they felt about the 2nd amendment and our personal right to carry for self protection (this was prior to passage of the bill here in Illinois).

Bill Prim

Bill Prim

My personal feelings had me endorsing Bill Prim. He was the only one that was unequivocal in his response. His belief coincided with mine and I chose to support his candidacy and continue to do so.

Jim Harrison

Jim Harrison

We also have an independent candidate running.

His response to my question was to tell me I was not a schooled attorney and as such would not understand the nuances of the Constitution.

He went on to tell me that many people falsely interpret the Bill of Rights and the second amendment in particular.

It does not spell out that we citizens have a right to own and possess weapons for defense of self and home, it was for militia work.


At that point I asked why he thought I would possibly endorse or help in his candidacy as the very premise of our organization is to promote and proliferate the freedom he just had explained (in his opinion) was non existent. H

is response was that I was not a constitutional attorney and it would take too long to explain it to me.

For the record I am not an attorney.

I am a simple carpenter, God fearing family man and a true blue believer in the amazing experiment that is these United States.

Ultimately there is no freedom without the most basic of rights, that being to exist, breathe and if need be defend oneself and family from predation and violence.

Every living creature has instilled in it a hardwired desire to live to the next sunrise.

This is our right.

The founders knew that men would twist the truth and attempt to reinterpret the very fabric of our society for their own causes.

This why each generation must have some who embrace the cause of liberty and will take up the mantle to defend her.

If not, then God help us.

It is our Duty to protect our freedoms. We do this in a huge way by voting for those that stand for right.

GO VOTE! Are you starting to see a pattern here?

No political figure is the savior of all our ills and no man or woman is perfect but there quite simply are two types running for offices.

There are those that seek to change and erode the fabric of our laws and customs and there are those that wish to rebuild and repair that which has been damaged.

You cannot do both. GO VOTE!

Early Voting is open. Here are the McHenry County locations. https://www.co.mchenry.il.us/home/showdocument?id=34211

Tell your friends, neighbors, family and whoever will listen to please go vote between now and November 4th. Folks say “I don’t know who to vote for.” I’m sure you can offer some advice.

I told you a few years back that we could move mountains and we have.

Let us finish together what we started.

I truly believe we are making huge impact on things to come.

Our 2nd amendment freedoms will continue to be repaired here in Illinois and this election cycle is vital for continuation of these repairs.

I believe in our cause of freedom, I believe in you and I know you will do whatever it takes to do your part.

If anyone would like to discuss any of this further I will make time to talk with you.

= = = = =
Schuck then gives his phone number: 815-690-0248.


Right to Carry President Offers Election Observations — 35 Comments

  1. It is clear that Harrison likes to double talk.

    I sure would never vote for Harrison as he says one thing and does and says another.

    He wants to take away our rights to carry and protect our families.

    Vote for Bill Prim who is for the rights of the people

  2. By the response Harrison gave Mickey it is clear that Mr. Harrison is the most arrogant person I have ever seen.

    My question would be how can anyone show such arrogance when they know nothing about running a Sheriff’s department and is clearly not qualified to do so.

    Vote Prim

  3. What does the Second Amendment say?

    From Wikipedia, “As ratified by the States and authenticated by Thomas Jefferson, then-Secretary of State: ‘A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.'”

    Where does it say that “citizens have a right to own and possess weapons for defense of self and home”?

    It doesn’t.

    Harrison is right.

    The Constitution and the Bill of Rights cannot be understood or interpreted in sound bites.

    Jim Harrison understands the Constitution.

    Want to know Jim Harrison’s position on the right to carry a concealed weapon? Call him and ask.

    By the way, that’s not a “right”.

    It’s a privilege, permission or authority, granted conditionally by the State.

    There is no “Right” to carry.

  4. Hey Gus (Frank) Philpott,

    What in world are you talking about?

    Were you not an officer of the Right to Carry Association?

    Why would you be an officer of a group then denounce it’s premise for being?

    You are too much.

    Don’t you live 800 miles away?

    Go tell lies and your nonsensical arguments to the folks in South Carolina.

    I feel sorry for them.

  5. WOW!

    Gus… You just took out the entire founding principles of this country with that nonsense!

    Not to mention the life’s work of Aristotle, Plato, Locke, Rutherford, and many more great men.

    Our right to protect ourselves and our family is granted conditionally by the state??

    Have you even heard of The Declaration of Independence?

    Why don’t you ask one of the adults in your state to read you the just the first couple of paragraphs from it…

    If you want to debate opinions on political candidates, that’s one thing…

    But, what you are spewing here is not a matter of opinion, it is the antithesis of America so, seriously, shut the hell up!

  6. So irritated after reading Philpott’s BS.

    In whatever fairtale world Harrison and Philpott live in law must not matter.

    Telling a lie over and over doesn’t make it any more true than the first time.

    How many states passed concealed carry for, self protection….ummm..all of them!

    Based on what?

    On the fact that courts all around the country all the way to the Supreme Court have ruled it to be constitutional.

    The Harrisons and Philpotts of the world can enjoy each others company at the table of untruths and and lies.

    perhaps Schuch was pointing to the something beyond the understanding of these left wing, nanny state loving, democrats.

    Woodstock and Mchenry County will not miss either of these boys.

    Gus set up a cot for Old Jimmy Harrison, he may need a place to rest his head after November 4th.

  7. Well, I guess if Wikipedia, as stated by Gus and The Schooled Attorney, Supreme Being, says it’s so, it must be true…… ( Really ? )

    Someone, please tell the gang bangers !

    Vote Bill Prim in November !!!!!!!!!

  8. Supremes settled it with D.C. vs Heller, Chicago than wasted our hard earned tax dollars against McDonald.

    But look out, here come all the Constitution experts, telling us they all got it wrong

    Nothing funnier than reading their drivel about founding fathers and the like.

    For all they know they were drunk, it was late and they were on their last candle.

  9. Clearly, Mr Jerry Springer shock jock, suffers from the God Syndrome.

    And, he needs to be knocked off of his pedestal.

    Oh sorry forgot, he thinks he knows it all and has nothing left to learn. WOW! SCARY!…

    The arrogance and “God Almighty” attitude from the current regime, has paved the way for more and more corruption in McHenry County…

    It takes a lot of arrogance from our current sheriff to assume that he can run the McHenry County Sheriffs office, by way of his cell Phone…

    When those 2 officers were shot, Nygren and Zinke were not there to assess the situation.

    This is our government people and it now our responsibility to be heard by way of, the power of the vote.


  10. Gus go write on your own blog.

    Gus you like Harrison because Harrison is already doing favors for you and who else?.

    Harrison told his supporters to go to your blog.

    Favors already???????????

  11. Pablo…Paul Serwatka…

    Your words are so well thought out and so very true….but be aware…looking cross eyed at Ol’ Gus could get you identified as …well some one who looked at Gus cross eyed….

    yeah I guess it does not mean anything at all…unless Gus decides to make a federal case out of it…

  12. Dear Mr. Gus Philpott,

    I kindly disagree with the argument you have supported.

    A “well-regulated militia” is best kept through secrecy.

    If the secrecy of the militia is destroyed by identification through registration, permit, and permission, it loses its integrity.

    A militia also isn’t a capable military if it does not have access to equivalent or better force as the body which seeks to suppress the sanctity of the “free state”.

    Not to mention the state isn’t free, when you prevent it from acting upon its own free will; including the purchase of guns.

    I speculate that some might also misconstrue what “regulated” means next to the word “militia”.

    “Regulated” does not mean controlled by a governing authority through regulation next to this word, as a militia by definition is a military force that is raised from the “civil population”.

    Regulated instead means to “control or maintain the rate or speed of (a machine or process) so that it operates properly.”

    So the militia must be maintained at the rate or speed necessary so that it operates properly. Any effort to destroy this rate is unconstitutional.

    And from this understanding all restrictions on guns should be lifted.

    Even if the argument could be had that the 2nd amendment did not specifically state that citizens have the right to own and carry a gun, the amendment also does not specifically state that citizens “cannot” own a gun.

    So therefore the argument would only prove to bring the decision to unspecified neutral grounds.

    I conclude that since the integrity of the 2nd amendment (specifically as it is stated) is destroyed by the idea of citizens not being allowed to own and carry guns, it is unconstitutional.


    Earl Go
    McHenry County voter.

  13. Harrison’s response to Mr. Schuch’s question was by far one of the most arrogant responses I have ever heard come out of a candidates amount.

    In my opinion that says a lot about his character.

    Is that how he is going to talk to the employees of the sheriff’s department?

    I don’t want someone like this in the sheriff’s department.

    I’m voting for Prim!!!

  14. I’m confused with Harrison’s response and I felt he came across as arrogant.

    I was led to believe that Harrison was for guns, however, as I read this article, that is not the case.

    This definitely helped me make up my mind as to who to vote for and it’s not going to be Harrison.

  15. Good Grief you all

    We are the well regulated Militia..US..

    The average American Citizen..

    We are that Militia, When the call to Arms comes, it is “WE” that will rise out of the Chaos to protect Family, God and Country…..

    BTW I’m voting for Prim

  16. LOL Bare arms are gross.

    I prefer long sleeves.

    If people can’t spell and don’t know grammar, how do you expect them to understand the documents we were founded upon?

    (Didn’t I argue for days with someone in here over the term heterosexual? They did not have a clue what they were arguing against.)

  17. I support the 2nd amendment.

    However, can we have a worse public advocate than Mr. Schuch?

    Isn’t this the guy who has a conviction related to carrying a weapon in an armed robbery?

    Is it a bit of hypocrisy to try to claim the high ground against “evil attorney’s” when one most likely helped make sure his conviction didn’t end up being a felony?

    Yes I believe we have the right to arms, but to protect us from people who are involved in armed robberies not to support them, right?

    Who I feel for are the great local police officers who arrested Schuch and his gang having him paraded around in front of them by the guy who may very well be our next Sheriff in the weeks after local deputies were shot.

    I know the Priminal supporters will now cry and try to make Mr. Schuch out as a victim.

    Yet I still choose to live in the world where the guy who was robbed is the victim and those who robbed him, not so much.

  18. Mickey Schuck is an Illinois Certified Concealed Carry Instructor.

  19. Citizens might want to:

    attend concealed carry classes to learn about the topic,
    practice (a few hundred rounds)responsible competent firearms usage,
    and research pros and cons voiced by actual victims and participants in violent crime events,

    before rendering opinions which sway political outcomes.

  20. What a crock of crap.

    Schuch is not an armed robber.

    HARRISON writes whatever.

    Truth isn’t important.

  21. ‘butseriouslynow” No one takes you seriously.

    Everyone, knows that you are part of the regime.

    Do us all a favor and have someone call you a cab.

    While your at it, make sure they drop you off on the corner of Nice and Pleasant.

    For gosh sake, don’t bother making a turn on ethical and honest.

    You couldn’t deal with it!

  22. Paul Serwatka wrote “Our right to protect ourselves and our family is granted conditionally by the state??”

    When I wrote that “It’s a privilege, permission or authority, granted conditionally by the State”, I was referring to the “carrying” of a concealed, loaded firearm.

    So far as I know, the new Illinois law has not been changed on a constitutional issue.

    The Applicant must submit an application, pay a substantial fee ($150), take a training class (no standards or standardized test), hit the target enough times at the range, and meet other criteria. Then the State issues a license.

    The right to bear arms is not a right to carry them concealed or in many states, including Illinois, even to carry them in the open.

  23. I should have written, “So far as I know, the new Illinois law has not been CHALLENGED on a constitutional issue.”

  24. No Gus, you should have written NOTHING.

    Gus ,why is it that you can’t answer a question that has been put to you many times?

    Why don’t you write on your own blog????

  25. Yeah Gus, why not answer the question,you comment on everything else.

    Maybe you have to ask your buddy Harrison what to write.

  26. Why don’t “hypocrisy police”, “voter” and “McHenry voter” have the guts to write under their own names?

  27. Gus, review the Federalist Papers–you remember, those documents the framers of the US Constitution wrote to get the US Constitution ratified.

    Without them, that great event (ratification), wouldn’t have happened.

    Well, anyway, a series of those papers (29 and 46-by Hamilton and Madison)-directly frame the 2nd Amendment in the context of the individual.

    One last key-the Bill of Rights are not privileges granted to the people from the almighty State–these are areas in which the government shall not infringe.

    I suggest reviewing the language inherent in the law, as well as the context, and avoiding spurious interpretation hinged upon grammatical fantasy and liberal ideology.

  28. really?, I understand the Right to keep and bear arms.

    I don’t question that the individual can keep and bear arms.

    In 18th Century U.S., probably nobody batted an eye at the fellow who was armed.

    States have found that they CAN regulate concealed and open carry, and most do.

    If you believe it’s your Right to carry concealed without the State-required license or openly in Illinois, do it.

    Just tell the cop that it’s your Right.

    I’m sure he’ll understand and send you on your way.

    You might want to line up a good lawyer “just in case”.

    I’m not sure (and I don’t care) what you mean by “avoiding spurious interpretation hinged upon grammatical fantasy and liberal ideology.”

    Perhaps you don’t know, but my favorite book title is What You Think of Me is None of My Business.

  29. It always interesting to watch the Bianchi regime supporting folks on here ignore facts and try to make those with criminal convictions involving robbing or beating women out to be poor victims.

    Sadly we are moving to a point where the potential top law enforcement people in this county are comfortable with political ally’s who steal, beat women and drive drunk on the same roads are kids go back and forth to school on as long as it may help their fledgling political career.

    What is worse is the internet bully’s shouting down anyone simply pointing out the fact.

  30. But seriously now: I’ll write this again.

    You apparently know better than a police department, states attorneys office, judge and jury?

    None of the people you are attacking are guilty of anything you are spouting on about.

    It’s said the more times a liar recits a lie the more he believes it.

    Is cheating on your wife with your married secretary wrong or felonious over billing practices, how about that?

    On an another note should someone who has done wrong disengage from life or should they better themself and press on?

    Or maybe by your account they should go live alone in the woods.

    but seriously now, you’re kidding no one

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