Scott Summers a Write-In Candidate for Governor

Scott Summers

Scott Summers

Former McHenry County College Board President Scott Summers is running a write-in campaign for Governor.

He is a member of the Green Party.

On the Green Party web site one can read the following:

You can vote your conscience.

You can vote your principles.

You can make a statement.

You can vote for Green Party candidates in statewide races.

You can write in Scott Summers for Governor, and Sheldon Schafer for Secretary of State.

Believe it or not, a statewide write-in candidate cannot file a single statement of intent with the Illinois State Board of Elections.

In order to completely cover all of Illinois, she or he must file notarized statements in each of 110 jurisdictions!

As a matter of expediency, Scott and Sheldon have covered a majority of the population by filing with 27 election authorities:


Scott Summers a Write-In Candidate for Governor — 4 Comments

  1. No thanks.

    But I do nominate you for the presidency at Whatsamatta U.

  2. That is embarrassing .

    Does he really think he would have a chance.

    All he wants to do is try and goof up the votes.

    What a fool

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