Prim Campaign Taking to Airwaves — 6 Comments

  1. Great endorsements on the air.

    Prim for Sheriff.

    Harrison is showing desperation.

    He is probably doing the Harrison Huddle trying to come up with more lies to tell the people in these last few days.

  2. 4 different ads to endorse Prim, love them all.

    I’m glad the people are finding out how Harrison has ripped off our County.

    For a new beginning vote Prim and by NOT taking a pension he is saving the County big money.

    Harrison wants it all, pension and a salary.

    That shows he really is thinking about the citizens.


  3. Harrison doesn’t care about the citizens that is quite obvious.

    Either does the sore loser “Republicans” who are backing him behind the scenes.

    All are not to be trusted.

  4. What is the saying, “An elephant never forgets”

    I think at one point or another the “phonies” will be exposed but that is just my opinion.

    I often thought a person should act like they are 2 steps back when they are actually 2 steps ahead.

  5. Harrison’s BIG ideas for the Sheriff’s department is going to COST the tax payers a lot of money.

    Vote Prim

  6. My question is HOW can anyone vote for a Sheriff’s candidate, Harrison, who NEVER even acknowledged the 2 officers shot in the incident?

    A candidate who shows no concern about his deputies is a candidate that shouldn’t be running.

    To this day all Harrison thinks about is his grandiose ideas to satisfy his own ego and arrogance.

    Vote Bill Prim

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