Tribune Endorses Harrison for Sheriff

The Chicago Tribune has reportedly endorsed Jim Harrison for Sheriff.

I say “reportedly” because someone told me that was the case.

I can’t verify it because the Tribune has locked this subscriber out of what is behind a digital wall.

A couple of days ago I spent about a half an hour with a young man from what I believe was India trying to get logged in after not being able to remember my password.

He said he would escalate my request to someone who would get in touch with me in a couple of days.

It’s been a couple of days and the Tribune’s subscription services operation has been judged inadequate by this long-time subscriber.


Tribune Endorses Harrison for Sheriff — 17 Comments

  1. Chicago Tribune 10/28/2014

    McHenry County

    Sheriff: The bare-knuckle brawling between State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi and Sheriff Keith Nygren is finally coming to an end. Nygren is retiring. The candidate Nygren favored to succeed him lost in the GOP primary. Now the race is between Republican Bill Prim of Cary, a retired Des Plaines police commander who had Bianchi’s support (and our endorsement) in the primary, and Jim Harrison of Johnsburg, a veteran attorney running as an independent. There is no Democratic candidate. Harrison, a former McHenry County sheriff’s deputy, has an impressive legal resume. He has also given great thought to how to run an office that is efficient and free of politics — in short, an office that focuses solely on crime and responding to citizens. After all the battling in law enforcement circles in McHenry, Harrison would be a welcome change and he is endorsed.

    22nd Judicial Circuit: The Tribune recommends a “yes” vote for the three judges seeking retention.

  2. Wow, they sure did.

    Speak of his “impressive legal resume” and “great thought” on how to run the department.


    Exactly where is this to review.

    Trib. seems to think there’s more to this character, then the weasel I’ve seen.

    How is it possible that a lawyer is more capable than someone experienced in Law Enforcement?

  3. Obviously the tribune is clueless in McHenry county.

    More of the same shenanigans will happen with Harrison.

    There is no democrat on the ticket you say?

    Yes there is – Harrison!

  4. I was on the Chicago tribune election center and neither candidate was endorsed……but did find out that Harrison has three pianos , and likes to play when he’s stressed…….must be playing a lot of tunes these days!!!!!

  5. I also was on the Chicago Trib election center and nothing was said about either candidate.

    All I can say is ” Harrison is quite embrassin “

  6. In tracing this race, what I have noticed is that whenever Prim gives a speech I would see Harrison repeat the same idea with a few rearranged words.

    Are these “fresh” ideas really Harrisons?

    Focus on crime from a guy who has been out of that business for 25 years?

    Friend of the worst non crime fighting state attorney, Gary Pack?

    The Tribune needs to have its heads examined.

  7. Harrison has to get ideas from someone else when it comes to the Sheriff’s office. He knows noting about it.Things change in 25 years.

    When the two officers were shot Harrison did not even address the event.

    He showed he wasn’t really concerned about the community or the officers.

    Prim posted the picture of the subject on his Facebook to warn the community and was concerned about the officers.

    That is what a law enforcement man does. Not Harrison.

    Harrison also does not approve of the Sheriff’s Swat team or for the right to carry.

    Harrison and I will quote him said,

    “Is anyone besides me concerned by the apparent militarization of our law enforcement agencies?”, The Sheriff’s department function is to keep peace”

    Well Harrison what are you going to do in a situation when the Swat team is needed?

    Are you going to equip our officers with a law book in one hand and a carrot in their holsters?

    Learn about the seriousness of the Sheriff’s department and then make your plans.

    Vote Prim November 4th

  8. Cal, I don’t know who told you that the Tribune endorsed Harrison but as
    of today they have not endorsed anyone.

    Go to the Tribune election center and you will see nothing is reported.

    Even the other Sheriff’s races from other areas they are not to date endorsing anyone.

  9. Why would the Tribune endorse a Lawyer who worked for Gary Pack and Keith Nygren AND overbilled McHenry County for over $16,000 ?

    Still shaking my head !

    Tribune is mostly a Democratic newspaper, go figure !

  10. Democrats stick with Democrats. Harrison talks a big game with his plans which will raise our taxes.

  11. With all the support Kathy Marzano is giving Harrison you would think she is leaving the DesPlaines p.d. and looking to join her husband in the McHenry Sheriff’s department?

    I don’t know if that is her intention but you make the call.

    It’s nice to know that Prim has integrity and will hire the qualified people to serve our community.Prim will save the tax papers money by his leadership and knowledge of the department.

    If you need help who do you want to call Prim or a lawyer?

  12. It would be great to see both candidates on a stage debating their ideas…apparently on of them is very very scared to have such a forum.

    I can’t really blame him, with some of what has happened around him he really has to rest on some believe anything lemmings.

    To have to answer a challenging question at this point may just spell disaster.

    Just can’t decide if ducking the debate is smart or cowardly.

  13. …but the fact he is afraid of debating does make it ironic and funny that his fans claim he is the “idea” guy with all the answers.

  14. Are you kidding.Harrison planned on turning that debate into a 3 ring circus.

    That is not what a debate is.

    Harrison wanted a court hearing not a debate.

    Prim has too much class to involve himself and the community with Harrison’s plan for a display and disrespect for what a debate is suppose to be.

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