Unclear on District Boundaries

In 2008, when this citizen on Lake Avenue in the Grafton Township part of Lakewood put up a sign for Barack Obama, everyone knew he was on their ballot.

This week the same man seems to have put a yard sign for every Democrat he could find.

Dem signs Lake Ave 10-24-14

There are sign for Joe Mains, running for State Representative, District 3 McHenry County Board candidate Kathy Bergan Schmidt, District 4 County Board candidate Arne Waltmire, Congressman candidate Dennis Anderson, Attorney General Lisa Madigan, District 5 County Board candidate Paula Yensen and District 1 Board candidate Nick Chirikos.  

The only problem with the County Board signs are that the resident is located in District 2.

Signs are missing for the top of the Democratic Party ticket–Dick Durbin and Pat Quinn.


Unclear on District Boundaries — 4 Comments

  1. All democrat signs shows there are an awful lot of stupid people in illinois.




  2. Anyone and everyone in Illinois with a Democratic sign on their property should be approached with simple questions:

    “If I pay my part of the Illinois State debt in cash tomorrow will you?

    “Can you?

    “Will you also assure me the morons you want us to vote for, again, won’t just run up another tab on my dime?”

    Every time I encounter these people they won’t ever say they can, will or want to pay their share of the debt load their favorite politicos ran up.

    The total meltdown of personal responsibility in their eyes is worth the five minutes of wasted breath.

  3. This character is on the Democrat dole in some way.

    I still remember wearing my Bernie Epton button before the election, when living in the city and being vilified everywhere I went. Incredibly bad behavior considering Bernie was so anti racist.

    Last time this State had a chance.

    You know we only lost by a paltry 40 K votes.

    And then came Harold…..

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