Joe Walsh Endorses Libertarian Julie Fox for Comptroller

A press release from Libertarian candidate for State Comptroller Julie Fox about former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh’s endorsement:

Former Congressman Joe Walsh Endorses Julie Fox For Comptroller

Julie Fox, Libertarian Candidate for Illinois Comptroller, announced today the formal campaign endorsement of Joe Walsh, former U.S. Congressman from the Illinois 8th Congressional District.

Ms. Fox, a Certified Public Accountant from Dundee, IL was thrilled with the news.

Upon hearing that Congressman Walsh had endorsed her over her two major party opponents,

Julie Fox gathered signatures in front of the Woodstock movie theater at Fair Diddley in mid-May.

Julie Fox gathered signatures in front of the Woodstock movie theater at Fair Diddley in mid-May.

Ms. Fox said,

“The Congressman believes as I do, that the Comptroller, the Chief Financial Officer of the state, should at a minimum be an accountant.

“After all, we expect our Attorney General to be a lawyer, don’t we?

“Why would we even think of electing someone untrained in the complex management of money to handle such an important task?”

Congressman Walsh, in deciding to give his endorsement said,

Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh

“Julie’s somebody everyone should get excited about.

“She’s not a career politician; she’s different from the others.

“As the only CPA in the race she’s actually qualified for the job.

“She’s running for the office because she’s ticked off about the condition of the state’s financial condition, and she actually wants to do something about it.

“That’s pretty impressive.”

Ms. Fox is the mother of two adult children, holds two science degrees, has been an accountant for 26 years, and a Certified Public Accountant since 1995.

Congressman Walsh won his congressional seat in 2010 as a Tea Party favorite Republican. He was defeated by Democrat Tammy Duckworth when the Democrat controlled legislature restructured the 8th Congressional District in its favor. He now hosts a nightly call-in radio show on WIND AM 560 “The Answer”, which is broadcast in both the Chicago and New York markets.

For further information, please contact:  Thomas Hill, Campaign Manager by phone 847-507-8621, email – and/or go to


Joe Walsh Endorses Libertarian Julie Fox for Comptroller — 5 Comments

  1. That isn’t exactly accurate now is it?

    He chose to move to the 8th district rather than run against Randy Hultgren in the 14th which contain more than 50% of his previous district.

  2. One does not have to live in a Congressional District to run in it.

    Joe Walsh lived in McHenry County when he ran against Tammy Duckworth.

  3. I’m also cross at Tom Cross …….

    the lying rat who’s now the posterboy for the odious 5th column of degenerates called Personal Pac …..

    I hope Cross and Topinka go down …..

    they deserve it …….

    they can ride in the Gay “Pride” Parade all they want …….

    but they aren’t taking me for a ride.

  4. My point Cal was that he dodged a race for his own district and found one he thought he could win.

  5. I don’t agree with you inish.

    Duckworth’s district is more suburban and Hultgren’s is more rural.

    Hultgren’s district favored Romney in 2012 by 10 points while Duckworth’s district voted for Obama by 17 points.

    I don’t think he ran there because he thought it was easy, I think he figured the 14th was safe Republican, while running in the 8th gave the GOP a possibility of picking up a seat.

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