Obamacare Premiums Set to Rise after Election

A press release from State Senator Jim Oberweis, candidate for the U.S. Senate:

Durbin and allies ready to spring Nov. 15 surprise with Obamacare premium hikes

SUGAR GROVE — Dick Durbin was one of the key architects of the partisan trainwreck known as Obamacare and what he’s not telling you in this campaign is that premium hikes are on the way.

Right after the election.

Those planning to buy health insurance on the Obamacare exchanges won’t be able to do so on the website until Nov. 15. Last year the enrollment date was Oct. 1.

Jim Oberweis

Jim Oberweis

“Dick Durbin has set another time bomb for American consumers that will conveniently go off right after the election,” said Jim Oberweis, Durbin’s opponent in the U.S. Senate race.

“They are hiding the premium increases for obvious political reasons.”

Last year a study from the Brookings Institute said premiums increased 24.4% nationwide. Oberweis estimated that a similar increase looms for most Illinois health care consumers.

Oberweis was joined at a downtown Chicago press conference by supporter and former primary opponent Doug Truax, a health care expert and President and Managing Partner of Oak Brook-based Veritas Risk Services. Truax is advising Oberweis on health care issues.

“Dick Durbin has been downright deceptive about Obamacare from the start,” Oberweis added. “He repeatedly said when Obamacare was being considered it would allow you to keep your health care plan and doctor, I guarantee it. Then he went on national TV and deceived the American people again about enrollment numbers, earning four Pinocchios from the Washington Post. Nothing Dick Durbin says about Obamacare should be believed.”


Obamacare Premiums Set to Rise after Election — 4 Comments

  1. I just received notification that my secondary insurance(primary is Medicare) of Blue Cross-Blue Shield is going up an additional $80 a month starting in January.

    That’s a $960 additional expense in 2015.

    The reason: administrative costs in effecting the Affordable Care Act.

    The notification actually said that!

  2. Please mail me a copy of the Blue Cross notice. Address is 275 Meridian, Crystal Lake, IL 60014.

  3. the lies about the unaffordable care act are starting to surface.

    On e more good reason to replace durbin.

    He is and was well aware of the problems but bowing to obama he pushed it thru.

  4. Why any person with a brain would vote for Durbin is impossible for me to understand?

    He is an embarrassment. He is a liberal extremist who has referred to our own military as equivalent to the Nazi’s or the Khmer Rouge.

    Durbin represents everything wrong with Washington and its 18 trillion dollar debt.

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