Prim Outraising Harrison in October…Maybe

Bill Prim

Bill Prim

Jim Harrison

Jim Harrison

After September 30th, the only indication of how much money candidates raise are their reports of $1,000 or higher contribution.

Contributions of less than that don’t show up until January.

Not terribly transparent–in fact, less transparent than before the most recent so-called “reform.”

Until the “reform there was a pre-election report required about two weeks before each election.

In any event, looking at the large contributions reported in October, GOP Sheriff’s candidate Bill Prim picked up $5,000.

  • $3,000 from Citizens for Lou Bianchi, Crystal Lake
  • $1,000 from Gary Rabine, Johnsburg
  • $1,000 from Richard¬†Stephenson, Barrington

Independent candidate Jim Harrison raised $2,000:

  • $2,000 from Marilyn Krenger, Woodstock

Harrison, however, did hold a fundraiser at the Woodstock Country Club in early October, the proceeds of which are not known outside the campaign.


Prim Outraising Harrison in October…Maybe — 9 Comments

  1. Harrison spent over $10,000.00 on a service that tells you how to run a campaign, I suggest Harrison use his $2,000.00 he got from one person for a book on ” How to run a Sheriff’s department”

    If Harrison has shown that he wastes his campaign money on foolish things like how to run a campaign what foolish things is he going to spend money on with the Sheriff’s budget.

    Harrison’s budgeting experience is budgeting a very small private practice law office.

    Harrison has no idea what a Sheriff’s department needs or what programs would be beneficial for the community as Prim does.

  2. Harrisons signs are not professional.

    As we were sitting in a car we passed the Prim, Harrsion signs next to each other.

    My friend stated Harrison should not have put his sign next to Prim’s, because it makes him look really bad.

    Prim’s signs are professional and Harrison’s signs look like they were made in third grade arts and crafts…….

  3. How do I get rid of a Harrison sign placed in front of my farm?

    It’s in the right of way but every other candidate, for many years has asked to place a sign there.

    Any ideas for legal removal?

  4. Call the Streets Department in your neck of the woods.

    Right of way sign placement is illegal.

    They will remove the sign.

    Signs in your yard without your permission just call for owner removal.

    Do not destroy the sign but set it aside if you remove it yourself.

    If the Streets Department comes they’ll usually leave the political signs in their warehouse until the election ends and then dispose of them.

  5. If Harrison did not ask you for approval, it is your right to remove it and throw it in the garbage, where it belongs or use it on your garage floor to catch oil drips….( if your car leaks oil )

  6. Happy trail is correct.

    Cities and towns will tell you to remove They won’t bother too much man power involved.and if you wish call Harrison and complain. 815-575-4001

    He has been getting a lot of calls about his illegal signs.

    He just picks them up and then puts it in another spot without permission.

  7. I think Harrison should pick up his own trash.

    Bonn-Fire at 11 meet you there.

  8. A negative campaign = a negative future = Jim Harrison

    A positive campaign = a positive future = Bill Prim

    Vote Prim for a positive future in the Sheriff’s department

    A future of bringing back honor and integrity to the Sheriff’s department

    A future with working with the County Board and the citizens of McHenry County to serve our communities.

    Vote Prim for the win on November 4

  9. Harrison is using Jack Franks sign placing tactic.

    Put the sign in first then wait for permission from the home owner.

    I can tell you I had about 20 Republican signs stolen in Spring Grove.

    Coincidentally, Harrison signs showed up at the same time my signs disappeared.

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