Arne Waltmire’s Really Big Lie

Back in the 1990’s Rita Mullins, with the help of her pro-abortion friends, attacked my friend State Rep. Bernie Pedersen for being “anti-family.”

I knew Bernie well and watched what he did in the legislature.

That charge enraged me.

When I couldn’t stand the injustice any more I produced a campaign mailing headlined,

“Why Does Rita Mullins Lie?”

The outside of the 1992 mailer designed to help State Rep. Bernie Pedersen win the nomination against pro-abortion challenger Rita Mullens.

The outside of the 1992 mailer designed to help State Rep. Bernie Pedersen win the nomination against pro-abortion challenger Rita Mulleis.

Even though I knew that calling someone a liar in the political arena, especially a woman (women aren’t expected to lie, right?) might backfire.

I told Bernie I was making a mailing on his behalf, but that I wouldn’t show it to him.

He was such a gentleman, he probably would have tried to forbid me from mailing it that Saturday before the election.

What the mailing did, positive or negative, there’s no way to know.

But Bernie won the primary election.

Arne Waltmire reading his opening comments.

Arne Waltmire reading his opening comments.

(If you are interested in its content, click here. Actually, the strategy of the left hasn’t changed that much in twenty years.)

At the McHenry County Board candidates’ forum (see “Waltmire Attacks Hammerand at League Forum“), District 4 Democrat Arne Waltmire, reading his opening statement and hardly ever looking at the audience, made a verifiable false statement.

He charged incumbent Republican John Hammerand with voting to raise room rates at the County’s nursing home, Valley Hi.

Hammerand spoke next and loudly called Waltmire out:

John Hammerand

John Hammerand

“[His] allegations are lies!”

“I voted against increasing fees at Valley Hi.

“I believe I was the only ones who did…

“It’s a lie!”

Hammerand told me later that Waltmire made the same false charge at the candidates’ meeting with the Northwest Herald’s Editorial Board.

After my article was posted, Hammerand offered evidence of Waltmire’s lie in a comment below the article.

It came from the minutes of the Public Health Committee:

Unapproved Minutes – Public Health & Human Services September 24, 2014(Excerpt)

McHenry County Page 2 Updated 10/6/2014 3:33 PM

1. Resolution Authorizing Increasing the Daily Resident Room Rates at Valley Hi Nursing Home Effective January 1, 2015 [Emphasis added.]

Mr. Hammerand questioned if there is a Medicaid wait list for Valley Hi?

Mr. Annarella stated there is a wait list for Valley Hi.

Mr. Hammerand then questioned if the county offsets the costs for the Medicaid residents?

He was informed Valley Hi never receives back from Medicaid the dollar for dollar cost of the service provided.

Mr. Hammerand voiced concern as Valley Hi is supposed to be used for indigent care.

He reminded the committee members that this home was originally created as the poor farm and not luxury accommodations for private paying people.

He stated he does not believe the private pay people should be provided a larger room and if they want the luxury of larger rooms they should go to a private nursing home.

Chairman Kurtz agreed and stated she has voiced the same concerns.

Ms. McCann called the question.

MOVER: Mary McCann
SECONDER: Paula Yensen

AYES: Kurtz, McCann, Miller, Yensen
NAYS: Hammerand [Emphasis added.]
ABSENT: Salgado, Walkup

For the full minutes see

Don’t expect an answer from Arne Waltmire as to why he thinks he has to lie to win an election.


Arne Waltmire’s Really Big Lie — 12 Comments

  1. Perhaps Mr. Waltmire is referring to the December 2013 board minutes:

    3. Resolution Authorizing an Increase in the Daily Room Rates at Valley Hi Nursing Home Effective
    January 1, 2014



    MOVER: Mary McCann

    SECONDER: Michael Skala

    AYES: Aavang, Barnes, Draffkorn, Evertsen, Gottemoller,


    Heisler, Jung Jr., Koehler, Kurtz, Martens Sr, McCann, McClellan, Miller, Nowak,Provenzano, Schofield, Schuster, Skala, Walkup, Yensen

    NAYS: Chirikos
    ABSENT: Hill, Salgado

  2. Still waiting for your retraction,Cal.

    Your sensational headline proved false.

  3. Hammerand also provided these minutes from last year with regard to increasing rates at Valley Hi:

    Minutes Acceptance: Minutes of Nov 26, 2013 8:30 AM (Minutes Approval)
    Minutes Finance & Audit November 26, 2013

    McHenry County Page 2 Updated 12/3/2013 1:53 PM


    1. Resolution Authorizing an Increase in the Daily Room Rates at Valley Hi Nursing Home Effective January 1, 2014 [Emphasis added.]

    Mr. Austin joined committee members for presentation of the above resolution. Committee members were informed that Mr. Annarella was unable to meet with the committee this morning so Mr. Austin will answer questions brought forth by the committee members.

    Committee members were informed, based on a past directive of the County Board, the pay rates for the private pay residents is to be increased yearly so that the rates are in line with what the private industry is charging. This resolution was passed by the Valley Hi Operating Board.

    Committee members stated that this resolution addresses payment for private pay residents but questioned who sets the rates for the rest of the residents. They were informed that the rest of the residents are either paid by Medicaid or Medicare and their payment is based on their reimbursement rates. These rates may fluctuate based on the services received. Many of the private pay residents usually transition to Medicaid within four months of entering the facility.

    Mr. Hammerand stated they discussed in the Public Health and Human Services Committee, the need to allow County residents access to this facility before granting access by an individual that lives outside the County.

    It was stated that the committee felt that since the residents of the county support Valley Hi Nursing Home through the payment of their taxes, they should be granted entrance to this facility before allowing someone from outside the county access first.

    Committee members were reminded that since the facility accepts payments from the Federal Government, they cannot refuse access to this facility, regardless of where they come from.

    Committee members were informed that Valley Hi does not charge extra for any ancillary costs at the facility. The private nursing homes charge for every extra service.

    Payment in private nursing homes is based on the services provided and kind of care given.

    Medicare requires a three day hospital stay and then covers 120 days thereafter. They cannot remain as a Medicare resident forever. Most Medicare residents remain in the facility for 40 to 60 days. If these individuals are not released from the facility, they eventually turn into either a Medicaid or Private Pay resident.

    Mr. Hammerand noted that besides the fact the county residents are paying for the nursing home, rates for the home are the same for everyone, based on their level of care.

    He stated that since Valley Hi has such a high reserve, and if they cannot disallow anyone from gaining entrance to Valley Hi, they should charge a cheaper rate for county residents.

    He stated that the nursing home should have to take care of county residents with some financial support since they supported the nursing home for years through the payment of their taxes.

    Committee members were reminded that many private nursing homes do not accept Medicaid residents as they cannot afford them. That is why the demand for Medicaid beds are so high at Valley Hi.


    MOVER: Michael Skala
    SECONDER: Nick Provenzano

    AYES: McCann, Barnes, Provenzano, Skala

    NAYS: Hammerand [Emphasis added.]

    ABSENT: Kurtz

    AWAY: Heisler

    = = = = =
    Here is the link:

  4. OK, I’ll bite.

    Hammerand voted a year ago based on available information at the time.

    I guess new information that would change people’s positions shouldn’t affect anything?

    I suggest that Wiltmire picked and chose his information in a knowing way to deceive (I think that means lie, Sam) voters on Hammerand’s position.

    You could only base your vote on what you know.

    What kind of information would Arne use in his decision-making, the 1880 Census?

    Go back and work on a Ford, Arne.

    Leave public policy to people who represent the public.

  5. Is Mr. Hammerand providing a tutorial in hoisting oneself by one’s own petard?

    He has demonstrated that he vote ‘no’ for the rate increase in November 2013, but less than 3 weeks later, he voted ‘yes’ for the increase in December 2013.

    Covering the bases, I guess.

    Of course, i distictly recollect Mr. Hammerand’s published commentary/borderline libel on the merits of the Woodstock couple attempt to obtain zoning approval for their winery; his statements could only be classified as either A) bald faced lying or B) breathtaking ignorance.

  6. Mr. Greenlee-

    You did notice that Mr. Hammerand was aware of the operating surplus in November 2013, but end up voting yes for the increase in December 2013?

    The calendar hanging in my kitchen has December following November.

    Perhaps the ‘Real Republican’ calendar is different.

  7. This is what I know to be true. Hammerand is a proven fiscal conservative watch dog of tax payer money.

    Waltmire is employed as a Union boss and as a teacher.

    His campaign is financed 100% by teacher Union pacs.

    Waltmire claims he’s going to cut jobs and save money.

    Since when has any Union done that?

    He will do whatever the union tells him to do.

    Isn’t that how Illinois got into this financial mess in the first place?

    The teachers unions demanded more more more from the tax payers.

    Knowing that Illinois did not have the money.

    So Waltmire is telling us he can do better than Hammerand at saving tax dollars.

    That’s laughable.

  8. Lori, Hammerand’s a known fiscal conservative, huh?

    He wants to INCREASE the size of the board, spending more of our tax dollars on politicians salaries. (

    His “fiscal conservatism” also includes raising costs on seniors with fixed incomes. Doesn’t sound like a winner to me.

    Cal, you story is flat out wrong.

    Hammerand voted to increase fees on seniors.

    He got called out on it.

    We’re still waiting for the retraction.

  9. Cal, I’ll help you out. Headline should read “John Hammerand lies about his record on seniors.”

    When his opponent claimed that Hammerand voted to increase fees at Valley Hi Nursing Home, Hammerand exclaimed “[His] allegations are lies!”

    However, minutes from a December 2013 board meeting prove Hammerand did indeed vote to increase fees on seniors(

    At the same time Hammerand advocates choking off funding for the nursing home, something a fellow Republican board member called “completely irresponsible.”

    Hammerand’s votes in an election year do not paper over his record. When he thought no one was looking, he voted against seniors.

    Also, as reported on this blog, Hammerand is the only member of the McHenry County Board that wants to increase spending by increasing the size of the board.

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