Ret. FBI Agent Endorses Lawman Bill Prim for Sheriff

Bill Prim speaking to fund raiser crowd.

Bill Prim

From Retired FBI Agent Bob Borchert of Crystal Lake:

Bill Prim is, most certainly, the best candidate for McHenry County Sheriff.

As a retired FBI Special Agent with 28 years of law enforcement experience, I formerly worked on major cases with numerous state, county and local police departments.

Having known Bill for three years convinces me he will embrace the duties and responsibilities of this position with aplomb, expertise and a keen sense of public service.

Formerly a military officer, I gained the experience of supervising others in an occasional highly stressful environment. I have no doubt that Bill possesses

  • the personality
  • demeanor and
  • experience

to lead this department calmly, efficiently and professionally under any circumstances, doing so without seeking any form of self-aggrandizement.

Also commendable is that Bill has run a completely positive and enthusiastic campaign, leaving it up to the good people of McHenry County to decide this important election.

Vote for Prim on November 4th!


Ret. FBI Agent Endorses Lawman Bill Prim for Sheriff — 21 Comments

  1. Prim is so well versed in many areas of law enforcement.

    Prim has hands on experience and all who know Bill knows he is a man of honor and integrity.

    He will lead the Sheriff’s department with confidence in his duties to the people of McHenry County.

  2. So many great endorsements for Prim as Sheriff !

    I’m sure there are many great endorsements for Harrison as a lawyer!

    Vote Prim Nov. 4th !

  3. Harrison endorses himself.

    The only other endorsement was from the Daly Herald and that was only because of what Harrison told them and that we know was half truths.

    Vote Prim for our future of working together as a team.

    Not the ” I ” way that Harrison wants.

  4. Wow, an endorsement from Bianchi’s buddy and a guy that flew agents around in a small plane.

    I still agree that Prim is the guy to lead the Sheriffs Department but this endorsement makes me chuckle

  5. But isn’t this the way the world now works?

    So much energy spent to inevitably end in …”Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss”…

  6. The Daily Herald is not the only endorsement Jim Harrison has received.

    The Chicago Tribune gave him a very strong one too.

  7. Gee, sorry that is 2 compared to Prim’s many I can’t even count.

    Very repeatable organizations and top people who have worked alongside Prim have endorsed Prim. Also personal endorsements from friends.

    Don’t see anything like that out of the Harrison campaign.

    Harrison is the past. People want a new future in McHenry County.

    Maybe Bill can’t play the piano, as Harrison brags, but Bill is is hell of a leader an experienced leader.

  8. guess I can’t type

    Bill is a hell of a leader an experienced leader.

  9. Have you read the NWH letters to the editor.

    People have responded to their pick as Sheriff.

    Of course, without a doubt, Vote for Bill Prim as our next Sheriff of MCHenry County

    Yahoo, can’t wait until Tuesday when those votes come in.

    Where will you be Tuesday night?

  10. Next week, a never-worked-in-law-enforcement nobody endorses Prim for Sheriff.

    This is really stretching it.

    Has this Fed ever worked with Prim in a professional capacity or have they just been in the same building a few times over the past three years?

    Was this Fed even a real somebody?

  11. This was a real somebody.

    You can’t flip the truth, really on.

    Harrison supporters are on desperation mode.

    You say negative things about Prim because you can’t find anything positive to say about Harrison.

  12. This is a great endorsement as are all others Prim has.

    Eric you are totally desperate and so is Harrison.

    I see since he has no good campaign he is NOW following what Prim’s campaign is doing.

    Harrison is also looking for a moral booster for his supporter as he posted on his Facebook page.

    Even Harrison’s lawyer friends are not publicly supporting Harrison.

    No one else, just a couple news papers that he failed to tell people his law enforcement experience was 25 years ago.

    Half truth and half transparency will come from Harrison.

  13. Well if he can’t sheriff, he can come out to my place and karate chop some wood for me.

  14. Eric, this is the type of man you want running the Sheriff’s department?

    A quote from Jim Harrison,

    ” Thank you to MY SPECIAL ANGELS”

    Special Angels l.o.l. who talks like that? l.o.l.

    Now Harrison has special angels.

    Yip a dee doo da.

    A lawyer or a Lawman, I’ll take the Lawman.

  15. I wonder if one of the “special angels” was the man with four Harrison bumper stickers on his vehicle who was talking down the yard sign posted without permission on the vacant lot at the intersection of Route 14 and McHenry Avenue.

  16. I have seen Harrison signs in front of attorneys’ offices in Crystal Lake and McHenry.

  17. I have noticed that Harrison does follow the leader.
    When Bill Prim does something 2 days later Harrison does the same thing

    When Bill Prim says something 2 days later Harrison says the same thing

    Well at least Harrison follows a good leader………..and that is Prim

    Vote for Bill Prim who is a leader!

  18. Eric C, the only thing ridiculous is you!

    Prim is the right person for the job.

    Voter is right, Prim is a true leader.

  19. Right on Duncan and Cal I’m glad Harrison had to remove those signs he put up without authorization. Pretty embarrassing on his part.

    First Harrison is crying over Prim putting up signs too early,which was a lie, but it is o.k. for Harrison to put up signs wherever he wants?

    Go figure.

    Prim supporters are voting for Prim because he is the excellent choice to be Sheriff.

    We support Prim because of his integrity and honesty and his desire to serve the people.

    It is beyond me how Harrison supporters believe he is the right choice with only lawyer background?

    Why is Nick Chirikos supporting Harrison?

    Is it because Harrison is a Democrat.

    Harrison did ask people to give money to the Democratic party?

    I don’t know.

    And Kathy Marzano,a community service officer in DesPlaines, supports Harrison and very actively I might add.

    Kathy’s husband is a Deputy Sheriff in McHenry County.

    Is she backing Harrison to get out of her current job and get a job with the Sheriff’s department to join her husband?

    I don’t know.

    People have different reasons for doing things and for backing a candidate.

    What I do know is that Prim’s people are backing and supporting Bill Prim for who he is and for what Prim can do in running the Sheriff’s department with a devotion to the people of McHenry.

    So what ever your reasons are to vote for your choice of candidate make sure it is for the right reasons.

    Vote Prim Nov. 4

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