Little Townships’ GOP Mail

The tiniest townships in McHenry County, organized as the NorWest Republican Republican Central Committee, have mailed a postcard to area voters in the mostly rural area.

You can see it below.

The address side pitches McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Bill Prim.
NorWest GOP mailikng 2014 address

The other side features State Rep. candidate Steve Reick and District 4 County Board candidates John Hammerand and Chuck Wheeler.  (The organization includes Richmond and Burton Townships, which are in McHenry County Board District 4.)

NorWest GOP mailikng 2014 back
The other GOP candidates are listed below.


Little Townships’ GOP Mail — 6 Comments

  1. Obviously, the County GOP and several candidates fail to comprehend EARLY Voting!

    When Rauner and an operative for the Democrat party sent out the applications for Absentee ballots did someone in the County GOP NOT comprehend that Early Voting and Absentee voting REQUIRED that messages get out before Absentee Ballots can be returned and Early voting starts?

    When results are posted next Tuesday night compare the November 4 precinct results to the final results from Early and Absentee votes to determine the impact of sending out literature AFTER Early voting has started.

    Probably results will not be known until Wednesday thanks to AG Madigan for not allowing Absentee ballots to be opened until after the polls close and this year there are many, many more than normal.

  2. Where will you be Tuesday night waiting for the results?

    Prim supporters will be all together waiting to celebrate our Victory !!

  3. THANK YOU NorWest Republican Central Committee!

    It is great to see our pictures on a friendly flyer!!!

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