Nick Chirikos Sends Postcard

County Board Member Nick Chirikos, Democrat from Algonquin, sent out a post card that landed in the mailbox today.

The front of Nick Chirikos' postcard.

The front of Nick Chirikos’ postcard.

The back contained several endorsements.

The back contained several endorsements.

The mail for the contested county board races is finally starting to trickle in.


Nick Chirikos Sends Postcard — 11 Comments

  1. He has got to go!

    Lets not vote Nick in, lets vote Nick out.

    and why is Nick such a Harrison supporter?

  2. Nick is a Harrison supporter because they are both democrats!

    Nicks comment about how the county’s taxes aren’t high should be a huge red flag for anyone even thinking if voting for nick!

  3. Reading Nick’s postcard endorsement, I noted he couldn’t even spell the name of his fellow CFI proponent, Algonquin’s President, John SCHMITT.

    Democrats love to spend, don’t they?

    Was Nick one of the first to spend down his expense allowance as a County Board Member?

    We don’t want Nick spending any more of our money, do we??

  4. The problem with a slogan like “Stick with Nick” is that it will become “Stuck with Nick” if he wins the election.

  5. What’s with these Democrats and their slogans…..

    Stick With Nick…..

    There’s No Comparison, Vote For Harrison…..crap?

    They must think they’re cute or something…..

    Is that what they do, when they all get together….play the rhyming game?

  6. They think by a slogan people will remember them.

    Oh people will remember them alright .

    They will remember that the Democrats are for themselves and not the people and that includes Harrison who is the Independent Democrat.

  7. It’s a shame the Northwest Herald didn’t leave their endorsement with just one candidate, Andrew Gasser.

    I hope voters know they do not have to vote for 2!

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