Slightly Intimidating Get Out The Vote Letter in Grafton Township

Take a look at the letter that a registered voter in the District 5 portion of Grafton Township received recently:

A Get Out The Vote letter from

A Get Out The Vote letter from the Committee to Reduce Income Inequality and to Support Human Rights.

Dear [first name]

Our records indicate you are a registered voter in McHenry County.

Who you vote for is your business.

But whether you vote or not is public record.

Our organization monitors turnout in your neighborhood, and we are disappointed at the inconsistent voting of many of your neighbors.

You have been selected to participate in a survey about your voting experience and how to make it better.

After voting, please fill in a survey at

Here is some information you may need to vote:

  • The polls are open, Tuesday, Nov. 4, from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm.
  • You can confirm your voter registration, early voting location, and polling location by visiting
  • Early voting will take place from October 20 to November 2.

We will be reviewing the McHenry County official voting records after the upcoming election.

If you do not vote this year, we will be interested in hearing why not.

Way down at the bottom is the following:

Paid for by the Committee to Reduce Income Inequality and to Support Human Rights


Slightly Intimidating Get Out The Vote Letter in Grafton Township — 7 Comments

  1. This PAC is rolling in union money and shares office space with the AFL-CIO in Springfield. Why would they be trying to GOTV in McHenry County? Does that sliver of Grafton Township lean Democrat?

  2. Imagine what is / will happen to absentee voters who do not return their ballot!!!

    Maybe they will get a visit from the Illinois IRS?

    Absentee ballots are now ‘tracked’ in one central location for all political parties to access.

    “With voting by mail open to all voters, Illinois permits any campaign to create their version of an “official request” for a ballot by mail.

    The newest change to election laws is virtual, real-time tracking legislatively attached to every voter who asks for a ballot by mail.”

    Go here to read the balance of what the Lake County Clerk has to say about absentee voting:

  3. New conspiracy theory, but unfortunately our leadership has made me and more distrustful…

    This gives them names and details to vote using your name in the next election.

    If they learn Bob Smith from Grafton township, and look him up for an address, they can send in someone for the next election to fraudulently vote for him as it is not likely he’ll vote next time either.

  4. That part of Grafton Township does have the wife the Democratic Party chairman running for re-election to the McHenry County Board.

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