No Last Minute Big Money for Harrison

Here is a Jim Harrison signs in front of a lawyer's office on Route 14 in Crystal Lake.  One four feet by four feet was added after this photo was taken.

Here are a couple of Jim Harrison signs in front of a lawyer’s office on Route 14 in Crystal Lake.  The lawyer is a past Vice Chairman of the McHenry County Democratic Party.

It appears that the thrust of Jim Harrison’s Independent campaign for McHenry County Sheriff does not include direct mail.

Based on McHenry County Republican primary candidate Glenda Miller’s successful direct mail campaign, it costs about $10,000 to cover the county.  And that’s only counting Republicans.

Add Independents and the cost goes up.

Campaign contributions of $1,000 and more must be reported to the Illinois State Board of Elections within two days.

Harrison has not had one of those since October 6th when Bull Valley’s Marilyn Krenger gave him $2,000.

Harrison had just under $3,000 at the beginning of October, which was augmented by proceeds from an early October fundraiser at the Woodstock Country Club. Contributions of $1,000 or more was contributed.

That’s far short of enough for a direct mail piece.

So Harrison’s campaign is comprised of signs placed pretty much anywhere, regardless of having received prior permission, word-of-mouth and a bit a recent radio (after he heard that Republican opponent Bill Prim was advertising on Star105 FM).


No Last Minute Big Money for Harrison — 11 Comments

  1. Can’t really blame the people for wanting to keep their money.

    Why spend it on someone who is not qualified?

    Harrison should have kept some of that money he made while working for the Nygren Pack.

    He also could have played the piano for tips.

  2. He also could have used that $10,000 plus he spent for that KNI Consulting Firm for direct mailing.

    Guess he can’t budget money that well, after all.

    Aren’t Angels categorized under contributions ?

    Went to lunch today and overheard some people talking about all the mudslinging Harrison is doing and has done.

    As one guy said ” That’s what Lawyers do, Lie, Twist and Sling “

  3. Roth supporting Harrison is yet another reason to support Prim.

    Maybe Harrison is helping Roth with his DUI.

  4. That’s why we need a lawman and not a lawyer for sheriff, Happy!

  5. Today’s Special.are you kidding !!!!!

    A vote for Harrison is like buying day old bread

    Vote Prim for a new beginning and the future of our Sheriff’s department.

    Harrison wants to do things himself

    Prim will work TOGETHER with all concerned for our County.

  6. I had just threw some work to an attorney in McHenry.

    After seeing Cal’s pic, I didn’t think to vet him to his political affiliation.

    Hate to think I gave even a nickel, to some Democrat supporting chisler.

    Lesson learned.

  7. Jim Harrison has run a solid campaign with a lot less money than Bill Prim.

    He budgeted and used the money wisely.

    You don’t need the most money or the most signs to win an election.

    You need education and well rounded experience, something Bill Prim does not have.

    By the way, currently the sheriffs in Lake and Cook Counties are lawyers.

    It is amazing how unprofessional and biased this blog site is.

    So many comments seem to be written by people just mouthing off without researching facts,
    people grasping at straws, trying to make anything out of nothing.

    Facts though, are facts.

    Jim Harrison has been endorsed by the Chicago Tribune and the Daily Herald.

    He has the education and experience to succeed as Sheriff.

    Bill Prim has a high school diploma and surrounds himself with thugs, convicted criminals.

    We need a sheriff we can trust to uphold the law.

    If voters are smart, they will elect Jim Harrison.

  8. By the way, Mr.Skinner.

    Direct mail doesn’t necessarily get voters.

    Most people throw it away.

    People across the county have been talking about how nice it was to actually meet a candidate,
    one who stopped to talk to “ordinary folks” and introduce himself.

    That’s what voters remember.

    That person would be Jim Harrison.

  9. What voters are remembering is that a so called Professional lawyer is spending the morning whining about some of his signs missing.

    Harrison also is threatening to file a disorderly conduct charge on some lady and he said he got her license plate number.

    Now this is from a professional who wants to run for Sheriff?

    Harrison has also resorted to name calling of the Prim supporters.

    We don’t care because it shows Harrison’s immaturity.

    I know some of Prim’s signs have been destroyed and stolen but I have never heard Prim say anything about it.

    This shows Prim’s being a Professional and does not name call.

    No, Harrison does not have the experience or education to be the Sheriff, not even a deputy
    Harrison is going to loose because of his own behavior and a mudslinging campaign.

    Harrison is a Lawyer,nothing more.

    I am proud to endorse Bill Prim and you supporters of Harriosn’s should be ashamed and embarrassed.

    Vote Prim who is a Lawman and the proven leadership to lead the Sheriff’s department.

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