Sign Vandalism

You might be able to predict the winners from the losers before the election.

Just take a look at which candidates are messing with their opponents’ signs.

McHenry County Board candidate Andrew Gasser's and McHenry County Sheriff's candidate Bill Prim's signs have been vandalized in Fox River Grove.  I also saw an "X" spray painted on a Gasser sign on Route 62 in Algonquin.

McHenry County Board candidate Andrew Gasser’s and McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Bill Prim’s signs have been vandalized in Fox River Grove. I also saw an “X” spray painted on a Gasser sign on Route 62 in Algonquin.  Nick Chirikos’ sign to the left stands unscathed.

Pretty juvenile.

I also noticed a supporter of Democratic Party congressional candidate Dennis Anderson placed his candidate’s sign in front of incumbent Randy Hultgren’s on East Crystal Lake Avenue at Valley View Road.

Harrison sign in front of Hultgren sign E CL Ave

A Dennis Anderson for Congress supporter placed his candidate’s sign in front of opponent Randy Hultgren’s.


And Jim Harrison continues to post small yard signs on properties where he has not received permission.

One representative of a landowner has three such signs in her trunk.


Sign Vandalism — 42 Comments

  1. Oh my Mr. Harrison , what kind of judgement do you have when you surround yourself with criminals who vandalize your opponents signs?

    It is obvious that you allow such criminal behavior by your supporters.

    Looks like people in your circle are desperate and have to lower themselves to such ridiculous actions.

    What kind of Sheriff would Harrison be and a lawyer at that.

    Vote for Bill Prim, a real Professional

  2. Seems pretty odd that 2 signs are vandalised and the third one is left alone.

    Most likely the x means these are the two to vote for not the unmarked sign.

  3. “Do you really think criminal damage to property will win them the Sheriff’s race.?”

    This was a quote made by Jim Harrison but really Jim do YOU think the criminal damage to property will win YOU the Sheriff’s race?

  4. Isn’t Chirikos the idiot who said,

    “Our property taxes aren’t too high, it’s just our incomes are too low.”

    What a moron.

    Any supporter of a politician that astoundingly stupid (that quote was not a slip) is a fool himself.

    It reveals how out of touch to reality the Dems really are.

  5. By that stupid statement Cheerios made…. if just 1 person voted for him it would be a Democrat

  6. It’s obvious that this is staged!

    Let us get our popcorn while we watch the great performance by the Priminals at their best.

    Bravo, bravo!

  7. What evidence is there that opponents of Prim and Gasser vandalized the signs in your photo?

    Did someone witness the person with the spray paint?

    Get a license plate number or description?

    What if a supporter of Prim and Gasser went out and sprayed those signs?

    I know Jim and Nick.

    I believe they did not do that.

    And I believe that they did not authorize it and that they don’t condone it.

    The accusation is an ugly, mean-spirited, last-minute deflection.

    As for the Prim supporter who removed Harrison signs, did she have the WRITTEN permission of the landowner to remove them?

    Why did she steal the signs and put them in her trunk?

    Why didn’t she just put them in the landowner’s trash can?

    She might, right now, be in possession of stolen election materials.

    Will Prim have her arrested, if he is elected on Tuesday?

  8. Eric’s childish comment deserves deletion.

    Or at least ridicule?

    What proof do you have to support such an asinine conclusion? Prim/Gasser signs were vandalized.

    Kung Fu Harrison posts his signs without permission on private property?

    And they guy (or whose supporters who are criminally campaigning), that guy is the victim?

    Reminds of the line from “Night at the Museum”

    “When I hear you speak, two words come to mind — delusional and weirdo. I guess a third one would be goofy.”

  9. Ow waaaah!

    Somebody sprayed paint on my signs mommy.

    Don’t ask me to come out of your basement…

    I can’t get the red paint off my fingers.

  10. Hey Gus!

    Are you losing your faculties?

    The post clearly states the signs were unwanted on private property.

  11. So, Gus, How foolish – all over Prim signs and others vandalized and replaced by Harrison and other Dems.

    Same people calling over and over to complain that they remove un permitted signs by Harrison and them find them back again.

    Harrison signs a contract with the McHenry County Fair Board and breaks the rules leaving his booth and working all the buildings and booths, really ticking off all of those people in booths that signed the same contract and obeyed.

    Illegally posting people’s SS #’ on his website for a week before redacting.

    This guy was a Harrison/Nygren crony for years.

    I believed you when you said Nygren threatened you.



    Take care of the issues in your own back yard

  12. Ok, Mr. Gus – what about the Harrison sign “cleanly” cut in half.

    Only needed a piece of tape to make it usable again.

    Not destroyed or defaced.


    Stay in your own back yard and keep your nose out of our business.

  13. Prim people did not vandalize those signs.

    That kind of behavior comes from a bitter regime, that knows they have already lost.

    The person that removed the unwanted Harrison sign does not need “written permission” to removed the signs.

    That is a ridiculous assertion.

    Eric, the only one eating popcorn is you and the regime.

    Hey Eric, Andy still has a lot of holes to fix, go put your time to good use and help that clown.

  14. To suggest that Mr. Gasser and Mr. Prim vandalized those signs is tantamount to suggesting that President Reagan shot himself.

    Those that subscribe to such nonsense may also believe that Pope John Paul II was shot by Jesus.

  15. You never heard Bill Prim saying anything about his signs but you sure head Harrison on his FaceBook page crying over a sign which probably was staged.

    Vote for a professional like Prim

    not a cry baby like Harrison

  16. Not only is Mr Jerry Springer Shock Jock a cry baby, it appears the rules don’t apply to him.


    Listen Eric go cry on your own sleeve, you sorry excuse.

  17. Soon to be “Sore Losers” showing their true colors………. once again !

  18. Two things McHenry County is famous for – ridicously high taxes that the sheeple pay because they are very gullible and the antics of politicians and/or their cronies with election signs.

    Thanks for the usual childish behavor.

    You can always rely on McHenry County politics for stupidity.

    You all make Andys incident with the “scary” woman knocking on his door almost look normal!

  19. Well we sure don’t have to worry about the disposal of the Harrison signs.

    I saw some floating down Pistakee Lake.

  20. Harrison put signs on MY PROPERTY without my permission.

    And yes, I removed them!!

  21. Why is it o.k. for Harrison to break the law?

    He is a lawyer right?

    Vote for Bill Prim, a proven Leader we can trust!!!!!

  22. Vote for Bill Prim and be a part of our Victory Celebration Tuesday Night.

    How can you respect and trust a candidate who:

    1. Over charges the County and ONLY returns it when CAUGHT.

    2. Threatens the bloggers with lawsuits

    3. Runs a dirty mud slinging campaign

    4. Investigates volunteers and Prim’s supporters when he can’t find anything negative about Prim

    5. Tells half truths when saying he was with the Sheriff’s department but forgets to say it was
    25 years ago.

    6. False accusations that Prim’s supporters cut a campaign sign of his,how immature, and calls
    them Priminals

    7. Tells people he is an Independent when he has asked people to donate money to the Democratic
    party in his name.

    Vote for Prim who will work for the people of McHenry County, Not a Politician but a TRUE REPUBLICAN

  23. connecting dots wrote at 8:50am: “The post clearly states the signs were unwanted on private property.”

    Who says?

    Do you see any landowner quoted?

    And only the landowner or his designee can remove them.

    Shall we name the woman who claims to be the owner’s “representative”?

    The one who has the signs in the trunk of her car? She says she represents the landowner.

    What does the landowner say?

    Why is the level of fear so high that people won’t identify themselves here?

    It’s a coward who posts accusations here under an assumed name.

  24. Oh Gus, what are you a lawyer now?

    No one really knows if the name you are using is correct or not anyway.

    If I were to put down Joe Brown or Sally Willy am I really those people?

    It also doesn’t make a difference what the landowner said, Harrison is not getting permission and that is the bottom line.

    Harrison is doing what Nygren and Zinke did,whatever they wanted. I guess Harrison doesn’t have to answer to anyone.

    Never heard anything about the placements of Prim’s signs.

    Prim follows the law and people wanted his signs.

    One more day of Gus and Eric….

  25. I don’t know where to write this but a BIG THANK YOU goes out to Cal for giving us the best and most reliable news update on all the candidates and their campaigns.

    Thanks Cal

  26. Eric,

    I don’t know you.

    You are obviously in politics and a you are a supporter of Democrats Harrison or Chirikos.

    I get that.

    And that by itself is fine.

    But you can’t deny, Chirikos is a moron, an idiot of the highest degree: “Our taxes aren’t too high, it’s just our salaries are too low.”

    Eric, c’mon.

    Such a dolt cannot be defended.

    Where you stand politically is one thing, but to defend such an ignorant position is unconscionable.

    Then, when you find out Chirikos has received a sweetened deal on his property tax bill (less that a third of what regular citizens are paying) and it has to make any reasonable tax payer’s blood boil !!!!

    Unless you are Nick Chirikos himself or a liberal newspaper employee.

  27. Gus, you have a lot of questions that appear to require you own investigative skills to untangle…

    why don’t you go and interview the victims and the perps and report back to me as I want the facts just like you do….

    or is it a long drive for you to return to McHenry County?

    Oh yeah, I forgot to post under an assumed name…

    heavens to Betsy!

  28. CLM, I do agree with you that Chirikos is a cancer and should be removed and never be able to return to politics.

    I have never claimed that I supported Chirikos, or any other Democrat.

    I am a die hard Republican that has always voted for the party, until now. I cannot support the Republican candidate Bill Prim for Sheriff this time around for many disturbing reasons.

    I was not in favor of some of the people that surrounded Bill Prim right from the beginning, but when I heard that he had two people with criminal records in key positions in his campaign, he lost my vote.

    Something is just not right here and criminals apart of our Sheriff’s Department make the hair on my ass stand up.

  29. Oh gosh, 1 more day until all this mud slinging by the Harrison camp is finished and now we have to listen to Eric c. talk about the hairs on his ass.


  30. Folks… I’m headed to the train station to connect with commuters then to HQ to make calls all day.

    Why don’t you put down the poison pen and come do something productive.

  31. Eric – did you check out the donors to Harrison.

    Clients with VERY CURRENT offenses not 15 yrs ago.

    How about the conflicts?

    The client gets in trouble again and his lawyer is the sheriff???

    WAKE UP.

  32. Eric. Harrison has ties to Pack and Nygren.

    Election day is tomorrow and he has never disclosed the land records.

    Hey Eric, did you know that when you purchase land and that property becomes commercial property the value doubles in price?

    Ask Mr Jerry Springer, shock jock, who likes to play cops and robbers, he should be able to tell you.

    Though, so far he has disclosed nothing to the public. Instead, he prefers to swerve and deflect.

  33. Could this land have been zoned agriculture when purchased?

    Much lower value?

  34. This bit of political theater is kind of disgusting.

    Lightly spray painting a political sign and leaving it in place is not going to hurt that candidate but only possibly garner sympathy.

    The only effective method would be to remove the signs.

    Both in the Primary and now in this midterm many of Prim’s opponents signs plain disappeared.

    That is effective and logical albeit illegal.

    The logic doesn’t even follow that an opponent would leave a sign up and lightly defaced.

    Unfortunately as is proved time and again their are plenty of voters and politicians that lack basic common sense.

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