Waltmire Robo-Calls Prompts Hammerand Response

Arne Waltmire

Arne Waltmire

The teacher union forces behind Democrat Arne Waltmire’s candidacy for County Board have made the following robo-call:

Hi, this is Kate calling from Illinois Citizens for Accountability to let you know that Republicans Democrats and Independents finally agree on one thing – taxwasting McHenry County Board Member John Hammerand has got to go.

John Hammerand stands alone in wanting McHenry county taxpayers to hire more county board members and have us spend extra hundreds of thousands to have more politicians.

Hammerand has one of the worst history of missing work on record but he still collects a hefty salary from taxpayers, and the Northwest Herald calls Hammerand’s actions this past week quote “deplorable and hypocrisy at its worst”.  The Northwest Heralds says quote “in the name of political grandstanding turned his back on his constituents”

This message is paid for the Illinois Citizens for Accountability 815-219-1641

When one Googles “Illinois Citizens for Accountability” nothing comes up but my previous article.

But, when one takes off the quote marks, the top entry is Citizens for Accountability in District 15, an Arlington Heights School teachers union web site.

Could there be a connection?

The odds seem good.

This robo-call was made a couple of times in at least two versions, so folks may have gotten irritated by it.

Here’s another version of the same message:

Hi, this is Kate from Illinois Citizens for Accountability.

I’m calling to see if you can help us find our McHenry County Board Member John Hammerand.

We’re very worried that we can’t find him. John Hammerand has missed more meetings than any other McHenry County Board Member in the past 10 years.

He has one of the worst histories of missing work on record.

It’s strange, sometimes the only time we see him is when he picks up his pay checks, around $30,000 a year, from the taxpayers, for only two meetings a month which he often skips.

Again if you have seen McHenry County Board Member John Hammerand, please tell him we taxpayers would really appreciate it if he’d tell us where he is. T

his message paid for by Illinois Citizens for Accountability,815-219-1641

That Hammerand has the highest attendance record in his County Board District is of no relevance to the Waltmire campaign.  And, the annual salary is about $20,000, although there are health and pension benefits on top of that.

County Board attendance for 2014 through October 30th, shows John Hammerand with the best attendance of all District 4 County Board members.

Contrary to what the Waltmire robo-call clams, McHenry County Board attendance for 2014 through October 30th, shows John Hammerand with the best attendance of all District 4 County Board members.

In any event, incumbent Republican John Hammerand went the robo-call route, too. Here’s his offering:

Hello, This is County Board Member John Hammerand.

John Hammerand chats with Bill Primm at Hammerand's fundraiser.

John Hammerand chats with Bill Primm at Hammerand’s fundraiser.

I heard a stranger was looking for me.Only a Stranger would not know you could find me at the County Board Meetings 96% of the time, as reported on the McHenry County Blog; this is the best attendance of any County Board Member in District Four.

Only a Stranger would not know of my concern for the ever increasing property tax burden put on Residents of McHenry County and My recorded “NO” votes on every Property Tax Increase while on the County Board.

Only a Stranger would not know of my concern for the Uninsured. I don’t have disdain for them – only sympathy. I would like to see them receive the help of Licensed Professionals, rather than bureaucratic paper pushers with no responsibility for their actions.

Like the uninsured my concern for the Elderly is well known. In Committee after Committee I fought the move to make suites for the wealthy in our County Nursing Home taking away beds from the poor.

But I need help doing this! I ask for your vote on November 4th for John Hammerand and Chuck Wheeler.

Find me at the County or at www.hammerand.com

I authorize this message. Paid for by Citizens for Hammerand.


Waltmire Robo-Calls Prompts Hammerand Response — 11 Comments

  1. Don’t worry John, citizens are going to vote for you.

    Democrats and Independents are really desperate and they know people want a change.

    The change will come only if we vote for TRUE Republicans.

    A vote for John is a vote for progress.

  2. More Pols should adopt that ‘Freddie Krueger’ look, Arne sports in the above pic.

    Sort of let’s us know what we’re in for.

  3. Arne Waltmire was on the Illinois Education Association (IEA) Board of Directors from about 2008 – 2013.

    IEA is one of the two main statewide teacher unions (the other being the Illinois Federation of Teachers – IFT).

    Arne Waltmire was the top teacher union official in Crystal Lake High School District 155.

    The name of that union is the High School District 155 Education Association, IEA-NEA.

    High School District 155 Education Association is in IEA Region 23 which has its regional offices in Elgin.

    Here’s how it works.

    High School District 155 Education Association is the local school district teacher union affiliate of IEA which is the state union affiliate of the National Education Association (NEA).

    Mr. Waltmire is a seasoned public sector union veteran.

    The public sector unions may well want to make further inroads into McHenry County government, increasing salary, benefits, and headcount.

    Increasing headcount increases the number of members paying union dues.

    Increasing salaries and benefits allows unions to increase union dues.

    Union dues fund the salaries and benefits of full-time union employees (those whom work for the union not the government).

  4. I think Mr. Waltmire knows he has no chance.

    Typical of a desperate liberal, he slings that last-minute mud ball.

    I look forward to his resounding defeat.

  5. What is woeful here, is that the person with the lowest participation in these meetings is none other than our Republican Party Chair.

  6. I would not vote for Mr. Waltmire if he was the only person on the ballot.

  7. What’s scary is that as a Democrat they continue to lie to get elected.

    Waltmire claims to want to cut the county government.

    He went after Hammerand for not wanting to cut county government.

    When are voters going to wake up and realize lying is part of any Democrat campaign?

    Mary Maule did it as well.

    She was defeated by a wide margin, but they continue to run as pretend conservatives.

    Maule’s campaign sounded like a tea party candidate.

    Waltmire is bought and paid for by the teachers unions.

    Does anyone think he’s going to cut government jobs?

  8. This is so tragic Miss Uppity that something like this can go on without any real challenge being offered by anyone besides the wrongfully accused.

    I have never seen an opponent so grossly misrepresent the truth with zero regards.

    I hope the public realizes this and does their homework before they go and vote.

    Otherwise, we all lose.

  9. Take Arne to the dustbin …..from whence he slithered.

    Did he spend all his ill-gotten pelf?

    Or will he use it for ‘living expenses’ and not report the income?

    Or is he saving up to plague McHenry County citizens for another election try.

    See, this is why we should bring back tar and feathering ………

    Sam Adams said it was OK when the crimes warranted it …….

    and they do!

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