Bill Prim Declares Victory

Prim thumbs up sharper

Bill Prim acknowledges supporters’ applause after he declares victory.

With 199 of 212 precincts reporting in-person vote results, Republican candidate for Sheriff Bill Prim declared victory over Independent Jim Harrison.

The incomplete vote totals (209 out of 212 precincts) now show the following:

  • Prim – 41,320
  • Harrison – 27,028

The approximately 20,000 absentee and early votes, which have not been folded into these totals.  It seems unlikely that Harrison will get enough of those uncounted votes to overcome Prim’s lead.

Even if Harrison won all of those votes, Prim would still emerge the winner.

Prim declared victory at Huntley’s Pinecrest Golf Club shortly after the totals for the 209 precincts were posted.

“Twenty-six months ago people said we couldn’t win the primary, but we did,” he said.

He added that people thought he could win the general election and he did.

“Hundreds of folks throughout the county” were credited with putting him across the finish line.

“It is very, very humbling.”

The in-person votes with all the precincts reporting can be seen below:

Prim 212 of 212 wo


Bill Prim Declares Victory — 12 Comments

  1. Congratulations Sheriff Elect Prim!!

    Going back to 2009, three men came forward, each never having met the other. Each man told of alike claims of almost impossible to believe accusations of what was ‘Truly’ going on at the Sheriff’s office.

    Zane Seipler, Scott Milliman and myself, Dave Bachmann, stepped up each night and day pounding on our blogs the facts.

    We three, paid a price for what all we laid out.

    We were labeled as crazy, we were living with threats of death against our lives and jobs were lost. Our families paid a terrible price.

    Then as time went on, as the documents were laid out before all of you, thing’s didn’t appear so crazy any more and finally, finally we began to get traction.

    Next up was our courageous States Attorney, Lou Bianchi and his entire staff.

    Lou and Ron Salgado along with two other innocent staff members were actually arrested and jailed.

    Their families paid an awful price, but they never stopped fighting along side us.

    Because of these brave people, the Nygren “Régime” was softened up even further.

    All the while, the NW Herald Newspaper called for a public lynching of Lou Bianchi as they called for our States Attorney to step down.

    To step down even before he had a single moment to defend himself and his staff!

    Today, we should call for the resignation of the entire NW Herald editorial staff!

    In 2012 Lou Bianchi found a “Lawman” named, Bill Prim.

    Rather than laying back Lou got on his podium and basically stated, “I’m mad as hell and we’re not taking this any longer!!”

    This was now three years into this fight to expose those “Thugs” who ran wild and free with the ‘law,’ hiding behind their badges and newspaper, utilizing the county tax dollars as their own piggy bank.

    Bill Prim was in fact the “Right Man at the Right Time,” indeed.

    As Sheriff Elect Prim was gathering his campaign team, he began pounding the streets with his message.

    Prim along with his family and volunteers never missed a parade, they conducted themselves in a very positive way.

    Then came along a man named Paul Scharff.

    I believe Paul’s dedication seeking justice added the extra knock out punch to Zinke in the primary.

    Together, the brave slowly but surely over a five year period, deeply exposed and ever so perfectly, slowly dissected a very dangerous “Regime.”

    Today I toast you Sheriff Elect Bill Prim.

    You knew what you were up against and yet you very bravely jumped in with both feet.

    Today, you sir, stand for all of us who had to take very personal shots against our person and our families.

    Today the people won because they began to listen and came out to help our community put an end to a very dangerous regime.

    Finally, we all owe a debt of gratitude to Cal Skinner for making this blog a community resource that helped spread the word

    May God watch over Bill Prim and guide him.


    David Bachmann

  2. Equally impressive that Mr. Prim did it without the kind of nastiness that his opponent displayed. Congratulations Sheriff Prim!

  3. Congratulations Sheriff Prim! Last night was a great night….

    So many supporters came out to cheer you on to victory.

  4. Sheriff Prim congratulations.

    You sure are the Right Man at the Right Time.

    Prim’s campaign consisted of an honest campaign and Prim showed professionalism and dignity throughout his

    journey to victory.

  5. Congratulations to everyone involved.

    I just hope that Sheriff Prim cleans up that house.

    The fiscal irrespondibility by supervisors at every level has bordered on.criminal.

    The taxpayers cannot afford anymore of this nonsense and I implore the new sheriff to take a close look at all his departments and their use of overtime dollars.

    I dont expect those that have caused this horrific waste to be held accountable but it needs to stop now!

  6. I raise a toast to BOB AND BETTY BECK.

    Salt of the earth good people that raised 3 great daughters.

    Your friends, other teachers, and former students miss you.

    This is a day I know you rejoice with us in heaven.

  7. Like CP indicated, wouldn’t it be nice if the new sheriff immediately arrested all the previous criminals?

    Taxpayers would finally get something of worth for their money!

  8. Did I say………

    Congratulations to our new Sheriff…..

    Happy is sooooooooooooooo Happy !

    Congratulations to Bill Prim…

    Great Guy, Great Party, Great New Sheriff……Bill Prim !

  9. Yes, the people heard the voices of the crusaders like Dave Bachman, Zane Seipler, Scott Milliman, Paul Scharff, Lou Bianchi and others.

    They were not afraid to raise their voices, so the truth could be heard.

    Good things come from adversity, but only if you let it…

    And, now we have a guy we can truly call Sheriff……


  10. This is a exciting time for Bill Prim and the Republican Party.

    Lets all move forward to a bright future in McHenry County.

    Sheriff Bill Prim ………has a nice ring to it.

  11. Congratulations Bill Prim.

    Now we find out if he will run a Law Enforcement agency or a political wing for his political patrons as many worry.

    I think the first bit is if he has been serious that the great many Deputies have his high respect.

    So does he promote those from with in that he has claimed support him or was it lip service from a politician and does he start bringing political campaign workers in?

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