County Board May Have No Democrats

There are now two Democrats on the McHenry County Board:

  • Nick Chirikos
  • Paula Yensen
Nick Chirkos

Nick Chirkos

Gasser looking left talking pleasamt teetj 10-14

Andrew Gasser

With 20,000 absentee and early votes still missing, Republicans are ahead in all districts where Democrats are on the ballot.

With three precincts outstanding, candidates for Governor are receiving 83,214.

That means vote totals overall could bump up 24%.  Obviously how they split in District 1 is the key to the election.

D1 38 of 38 w oThe closest Democrat is Chirkos in District 1.  Newcomer Andrew Gasser is ahead by 169 votes.

In District 3 former Democratic Party Board member Kathy Bergan Schmidt is behind Don Kopsell by 506 votes.  (Joe Gottemoller has 6,900, Kopsell has 5,291, Schmidt – 4,685.)

In District 4 John Hammerand whomped Democrat Arne Waltmire.  The totals follow:

  • John Hammerand – 7334
  • Chuck Wheeler – 5,849
  • Arne Waltmire – 4,541

In District 5, the two Republicans are leading Democrat Yensen:

  • John Jung – 5,617
  • Michael Rein – 4,955
  • Paula Yensen – 4,308


County Board May Have No Democrats — 7 Comments

  1. Bill Prim……Our new Sheriff…….

    Happy Trails is soooooooooooo Happy !

    Congratulations Bill !!!!!!!

  2. Probably still won’t be the end of bad ideas with some RINO’s left to carry on

  3. Considering my campaign budget was 10% or less of my Democratic opponent’s, this victory represents the hard work and commitment of my supporters.

    Thank you so Much!

    And Congratulations to all the Republican Candidates who worked so hard and won this great victory.

    -John Hammerand

  4. Mrs. is right ………

    We’re still stuck with smelly pachyderm RINOs like Jung, Heisler, Daftkorn, Walk-Up, et al …….

    Is Tina Hill GONE FOR GOOD? …….

    or will she reappear like a dormant ebola ebola outbreak???

  5. Surprised by Gasser barely edging Chirikos.

    He had the biggest name recognition in the race.

    He probably had the most signs.

    He had the support of the county party.

    So, he can’t blame his struggle on any of that.

    Could it be that once people get to know Andy Gasser, they like him less and less?

  6. I’m with OldMan and Mrs. Gonna have to keep a close watch on those loose canons.

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