The State of Illinois

I didn't have a picture of a black hole in space, so this dark funnel my son spotted one morning in a Springfield hotel's hot tub will have to do for an illustration.

My son spotted this dark funnel one morning in a Springfield hotel’s hot tub..

This is the image that was in my mind when I woke up this morning.

Note that it was captured in Springfield.

Black Hole in Hot Tub

The question for voters today is whether Illinois will be drawn farther down that black hole in the next four years or not.


The State of Illinois — 3 Comments

  1. Although I voted for him (because Quinn enraged me so much) Rauner is certain to disappoint BIG TIME.

    He loves same-sex marriage, zero border control, abortion, gun control, namby-pambyism ……

    ps.: don’t leave any aged relatives in his care (unkless you’re in a hurry to inheret) ……

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