Unexpeted Signs

An Oakwood Hills resident sent me the following sign:

Gottemoller Vote No Sign Election Day

This sign urging a “No” vote for Joe Gottemoller in the McHenry County Board District 3 race appears outside a polling place near the location of the proposed Oakwood Hills power plant.

It’s a bit more complicated that punching a “No to Joe” button.

The County Board race has three candidates.

For Gottemoller to lose, Democrat Kathy Bergan Schmidt and Republican Don Kopsell have to win.

I drove through a couple of streets in Oakwood Hills last week and the only sign I saw was on for Bruce Rauner for Governor.


Unexpeted Signs — 5 Comments

  1. I think the voters are given the benefit of the doubt that this is understood, which may not be a good idea.

    However, it’s difficult to put on a sign that can be read in 1.5 seconds; vote for Don Kopsell and/or Kathy Bergan Schmidt and not Joe.

    The point is that hopefully they are all still quite upset by Joe Gottemoller

  2. Well at least Joe now knows that the people will watch his every move and hold him accountable along with all the rest of the pols we elect – from now on.

  3. Joe Goat-e-mailer is a RINO that must be hunted down and bagged .

    His Oakwood Hills infamy won’t be forgotten.

    He also needs some clean shirts, and short courses in common courtesy and basic pet care …. but I suppose that is asking for way too much.

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