Dems Skip Transportation Committee Meeting

Empty seats are seen behind the names of Paul Yensen and Nick Chirikos.

Empty seats are seen behind the names of Paul Yensen and Nick Chirikos.

With in-person balloting showing both Nick Chirikos and Paula Yensen trailing, the two failed to attend the Wednesday-after-the-election Transportation Committee meeting.

Both had been pretty reliable votes for Anna May Miller, who chairs the committee.

Both lost the election.


Dems Skip Transportation Committee Meeting — 22 Comments

  1. AWOL ….but what’s new?

    Maybe they’re helping Quinn try and find 175,000 extra votes.

  2. Nick, do you think the statement you made, “Our taxes aren’t too high, it’s just our salaries are too low”, was the statement that cost the election?

    I think your Assessor needs to re-assess your property value.

  3. Is it a coincidence that Anna May Miller wasn’t there?

    or was she just not in the picture?

    Maybe, she was commiserating with Nick over his loss, which I’m sure was big disappointment to Miller(s), Shea, and cronies.

    More housecleaning to do; but this is a great start.

  4. Do Yensen & Chirikos still get paid for a no call no show?

    Childish is right.

  5. Is it possible that in McHenry County and across the state and nation that folks voted for conservative candidates, but also voted for liberal ideas, including increasing taxes and increasing low income wages.

    Be honest, how many people on this blog voted YES for all 5 referendum?

    1) Crime Victim Rights won 71 %
    2) Suffrage Rights won 66%
    3) 10$ Minimum Wage won: 59 %
    3) Reproductive Health Care Rights won: 59 %
    4) Millionaire Tax to support schools won: 51%

    Seems to me the electorate is not as conservative as the winning candidates…

  6. Ernie – please.

    Stop comforting yourself with excuses, and for heaven’s sake – stop saying “folks”.

    That’s an Obama term that has worn out it’s welcome.

    Come to grips with the fact that intelligent people went to the polls yesterday and made a solid statement.

    We are not putting up with any liberal nonsense any longer.

    Period. I know you’re upset, just like we (conservatives) were in 2010.

    If you’ll kindly do yourself and all of us a favor – stop the liberal drivel, and get informed.

  7. Folks are people. I use the word to describe people.

    I understand the vote.

    I am informed.

    My point is that given specific ideas, such the 5 that were on the ballot, folks, people, citizens tend to vote liberal, as they did yesterday in McHenry County.

    At the same time folks, people, citizens may also vote more conservativately for candidates.

    So my question stands, what did folks, people, citizens on this blog vote for on the 5 referendum ideas..

    I voted yes for all 5.

    What did to you vote ?

  8. Ernie is more than correct.

    I’ve never seen on a ballot or survey:

    ‘Would you like to see Government, stick all of its so called costly services you know where and simply cut back?’

    You can’t have it both ways ‘folks’.

    You can’t snivel about high taxes, then answer yes to hundreds of wish list garbage.

  9. All 5 of those questions were worded to sound good but after investigating what they really mean were not good at all.

    Low information voters pushed those over the top. I voted no on all of them.

  10. HadEnough hit the nail.

    I also voted no on all but then I did the research.

    I can tell you over 90 percent of the people that voted YES had absolutely zero clue as to the ramifications of their vote.

    If you voted yes on the Constitutional change for voting, you voted to never have voter id required in this state.

    If you voted yes on the victim change to the Constitution you voted to increase the financial gain of lawyers – even s state lawyers association advised people to vote no because it will just increase the negative attitude toward lawyers.

  11. We have a real mess in the field of public pensions in this state.


    Idiot voters changed the constitution.

    Here we go again.

    This time they removed any chance at voter id in the state and a probable legal challenge to the requirement that you be a citizen to vote because with this change, the Constitution relative to suffrage and voting is now incongruous.

    Read it after it is updated and you will see what I mean.

  12. Idiot voters is right.

    Really rethinking what ernie said; and I have come to the conclusion that Connecting is correct about idiots.

    Go ahead and congratulate yourselves on voting all the Republicans into office while screwing yourselves back into the liberal nanny state seat with the more important issues.

    Those referendum questions were probably the most important issues here and yet idiots fail to recognize how they consistently chew their own arms off.

    The awake are really in actuality just sleep-walking.

    Thoroughly disgusted that the nightmare continues.

    My people perish for lack of knowledge means we truly do get what we deserve.


  13. I am shaking my heads at all the people that voted for the constitutional amendments and referendums.

    Wow idiot voters is a correct statement.

    Another observation, how could you vote for Rauner and then cast a vote for Durbin?

    Or Lisa Madigan?

  14. I believe the questions on the ballot we’re non-binding referendum questions.

    This was another ploy by the dems to rally their base out to vote. Lori, I’m with you, how in the hell did Quinn or Madigan get more than 100 votes in this county?

    I was stunned, maybe they all came out to vote for minimum wage increases

  15. Reply to the Mrs, read up-the crime victims bill and the suffrage bill are binding.

    The other three are non binding but can be used as leverage in any arguments and it is up to the people of Illinois not only McHenry County who will either push for them or be against them if and when they come up.

  16. @The Mrs. I know right?

    It’s like we had voters with split personalities or something.

    It didn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling like most of the Republican’s celebrating the Rauner victory.

    Our Attorney General race was more important, imho, same goes for US Senate.

    Mike Madigan still rules Illinois.

    Republicans did not gain one house seat here.

    Sorry if I’m raining on the victory dances.

  17. Rumor control has it Chirikos and Yensen will run again.

    Did anyone attend this morning’s meeting?

    Did Chirikos, Yensen show?

    Heh, did Salgado show?

  18. If the McHenry County voters are idiots that means a bunch of idiots voted for the republicans candidates to the county board, state offices, and federal positions as well as the referendi.

    This does not inspire confidence.

    Alternately, the voters are not idiots and knew exactly what they wanted.

    Sometimes I do wonder.

    No matter if you are conservative or liberal, idiots are in both camps, so are well informed thinking people, oh I mean folks..

    Which is better ? Government elected by idiots or Government elected by informed people who know what they want.

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