Gasser Defeat of Chirikos Means GOP Controls All Seats on County Board

In District 1 after about 3,150 early and absentee ballots were added to in-person ballot results from last night, newcomer Andrew Gasser of Fox River Grove defeated incumbent Democrat Nick Chirikos of Algonquin by 382 votes.

That increased his 169 vote lead among in-person voters.

Incumbent Bob Nowak was the leading vote getter with 9,436 votes.D1 final wo late abWith Chirikos’ verified loss, Republicans have taken total control of the McHenry County Board.

The other incumbent, Paula Yensen of District 5, also came in third, losing by 547 with in-person voters and 773 when early and absentee votes were inclluded to second place finisher Michael Rein. Republican incumbent John Jung was the leading vote getter with 7,217.D5 Finaal wo late ab

Two Democratic Party challengers also lost.

D4 all wo late abIn District 4 teacher union-backed Arne Waltmire went down in flames, placing third, despite have ten times as much money to spend as incumbent Republican John Hammerand. Waltmire had about $20,000 in contributions for various teacher unions, while Hammerand spent about $2,000. Newcomer Chuck Wheeler also beat Waltmire.

D3 all wo late ab

In District 3, former Democratic Party Board member Kathy Bergan Schmidt failed in her comeback attempt. She was knocked off the Board two years ago.

Bergan Schmidt was beaten by Republican incumbent Joe Gottemoller and former Nunda Township Road Commissioner Don Kopsell.  Kopsell had 859 more votes than Bergan Schmidt when early and absentee votes were added to last nights in-person ballots.

District 2 and 6 had no Democrat on the ballot.D2 all wo late ab
In the Crystal Lake-Lake in the Hills-based District 2, Donna Kurtz out polled running mate Jim Heisler by 2,389 votes. ¬†Part of the reason for the differential was because of Kurtz’ active role in preparing literature for the Republican Party.

D6 all wo late abIn District 6, the most rural part of McHenry County, incumbent Michele Aavang received 1,908 votes more than newcomer Larry Smith.


Gasser Defeat of Chirikos Means GOP Controls All Seats on County Board — 15 Comments

  1. Thank you for running Andrew Gasser.

    I’m glad I helped at least a little bit toward your win.

  2. So what if the county board mooks all claim to be “Republicans”………..

    Franks goes around saying he’s a Republican ‘at heart’ ………

    We need a list of the actual Republicans and the pseudo-Republirats a/k/a RINOs such as Heisler, Walk-Up; Jung (not the long-dead psychologist, the ‘sweet onion’ hack, Smokin’ Joe Gottemoller ….a/k/a ‘The Oakwood Hills Fixer’ a/k/a Joe Goat-e-Mailer; H.R.M. Queen Kurtz, et al.

  3. ….and three cheers for Political demise of Chirikos! ……and the yapping, parasitic showboater known as Yensen.

    I’m surprised Chirikos didn’t ask President Obama, or at least clown-Biden, to campaign w/ him when the pikers blew into town to shore up the Quinn-creature.

  4. The Board will have all members with an ‘R’ behind their name but they are definitely not Republicans who believe in supporting the Republican platform.

    Andrew Gasser’s win is the most gratifying because he BEAT the Miller machine!

    Miller supported Chirikos!

    Based on votes as County Board members we currently have three Board members who support the Republican platform.

    We are losing one – Schuster -.

    I pray that Wheeler will stick to his campaign message and I know Gasser will so we have a net gain of one.

    The REAL Republicans need to look hard for replacements for McCann, Miller, Skala, Hill, Koehler, Provenzano, Walkup, Draffkorn, Martens, Barnes, Schofield.

    Unfortunately we are stuck with Kurtz, a ‘flaming liberal’ and Gottemoler who only cares about Joe for four years now!

  5. Going door telling lies about people doesn’t really work very well, now does it??

  6. The coalition to destroy Andrew and elect Chirikos and Harrison was pretty obvious.

    Next election up on the political horizon it’s “Miller Time.”

  7. Two more victories, in and of themselves, are the riddance, from the county board, of both Nick Chirikos, Dist-1 (Replaced by Andrew Gasser) as well as that of Paula Yensen, Dist-5 (Replaced by Michael Rein).

    I say this not based on partisanship, but rather based on my first-hand observations, as both Chirikos and Yensen, have consistently demonstrated a flagrant, and quite offensive, disregard for the wishes and well being of the residents of McHenry County.

    When our elected officials become so brazen as to publically proclaim things such as: “We don’t need to inform the people of anything… They elected us and the decision is now ours!” – or another one of my favorites: “I’d like to challenge the notion that property taxes in McHenry County are too high… They are NOT too high!” – I believe this type of arrogance and tyrannical behavior demonstrates, exactly, the necessity of ridding ourselves of these individuals from public office!

    And THAT is exactly what we achieved!

  8. Paul: It is a shame that the majority on the current board do not agree with you.

    Take a look at their votes on the Navigators for Obamacare.

    With the leadership of Kurtz they voted to increase the size of County Government by supporting the hiring of unneeded people.

    There are counties downstate that could have used the money the greedy folks on the county board voted to keep here!!

    We have a lot of people on the current board who need to be challenged in the 2016 primary!!

  9. Miller time is right she as to go time to clean house of rhinos

  10. Amen Paul!

    I’d like to help w/ the defenestration of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Kurtz (“the horror, the horror”) [homage to Joseph Conrad]

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