Outstanding Ballots in County Board District 1

In an earlier article, I posted the in-person votes for McHenry County Board in District 1.

Here they are again:

D1 all wo
Robert Nowak is running first by a lot.

Andrew Gasser is second, leading incumbent Democrat Nick Chirkos by 179 votes.

There are 3,152 absentee and early votes outstanding:

  • 266 are Democrats
  • 1,420 are Republican
  • 1,466 are independents

It’s time to go to bed.


Outstanding Ballots in County Board District 1 — 8 Comments

  1. Now if they just change his property tax bill to reflex it’s actual value maybe he will understand why he was not re-elected!

  2. What in the heck were all those people that voted for Novak thinking?

    ugh –

  3. Don’t count Chirikos out if Kathy Schultz’s brat-son is in charge of all the Diebold software …..

    why is he employed by the Clerk’s Office ….

    aside from nepotism, I mean?

    That’s how Zinke got so close ………

  4. Gasser pulls ahead after abeen tee and early voting.


    Looks like the new leadership team Pretty much has had a clean sweep.

    Let’s cut the crap – Sandy Salgado, Andrew Gasser, Chuck Wheeler, and Diane Evertsen knocked it out of the park.

    No way in hell does Mark Daniel and Geri Davis do anything like this.

  5. When do sore losers get over their loss?

    It’s been 6-7 months already.

    It’s OVER!

  6. Watch out for Geri Davis.

    She will carry a grudge!

    She might make a quick trip to West Africa and bring back some nice vector-bats from the Liberian countryside carrying a certain incurable, hemorrhagic virus to ‘get even.’ …… or she might be just bringing the bats home as pets.

    With her, you never know!

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